This year’s TIMELESS BEAUTY Preliminary Judging was conducted via the scrutiny of TEN reputable members of the Missosology Forum, the place where BIG 4 Pageants are being followed, studied and carefully analyzed by true pageant fans from all over the world.  The Missosology Forum is undoubtedly the No. 1 Beauty Pageant Forum in the entire universe, with millions of hits per month, and thousands of members who are online on a daily basis.

Please be informed that we shall introduced the names of the judges using their Forum Nickname, as they are popularly known in the pageant circle:

(Please scroll down for the preliminary scores.)



Terese23 from USA
(Pageant Expert)
Terese23 is one of the most respected members of the Missosology Forum. She is currently a student, but even during her busy days, she still manages to participate in the Prediction Games and has been consistent in the Leaderboard. As of press time, she is bound to top the Season 4 of the Prediction Games, and is expected to be elevated in the Hall of Fame. Terese23 is a gem in the forum, for being able to contribute several quality threads regarding pageantry.

Kristof from Jamaica
(Graphic Designer)
The Season 3 Champion of the Prediction Game, and a very industrious Graphic Designer, Kristof is someone who is reliable in making an almost accurate prediction, even if everyone else fails. Definitely, his opinion over the outcome of the national pageants is something that is being watched out for, thus, one can say that for the 2013 pageant year, he has plenty of knowledge regarding the national representatives who competed in all BIG 4 Pageants.

ColombianDiva from Colombia
There must be someone from South America as part of the judging panel, and who can better represent the continent but the industrious Colombian Ambassador. She has been a consistent high scorer in the Prediction Games, and is probably one of the best ranked Ambassadors for three consecutive seasons.

Sanvik from India
Coming from the world’s largest democracy, and one of the most diplomatic and friendliest guys in the Forum, Sanvik is also another consistent participant and analyst of the BIG 4 Pageants and national pageants via the Prediction Game.  Recently, he was awarded as the “Best Pioneer” by Missosology for the Year 2013.

Karissa from Kurdistan
One of the most loved darlings in the Forum, this gorgeous Ambassador from Kurdistan, in Iraq, is actually very passionate in uplifting the pageant culture in her region. She is very determined to put Kurdistan in the pageant map, thus, she’s been following closely all the BIG 4 Pageants, and was even contemplating to compete in one! Will we see her next year? Only time can tell, but in the meantime, she’s here to judge.

John Kevin from Puerto Rico
(Pageant Expert)
The pageant loving island of Puerto Rico is represented in the judging panel by the charismatic John Kevin. Rare it is from someone from PR to be interested in all of BIG 4 Pageants – normally, they are just interested in Miss Universe – but this Pageant Expert is someone whom you could rely on, in terms of unbiased assessment of delegates, both in international and national pageants.

BOP from El Salvador
The very active El Salvadorian Ambassador is actually a Prediction Game Hall of Fame recipient. Landing in 3rd Place during 2nd Season, BOP will represent the Central American perspective in the judging panel.

Islander1 from Cayman Islands
(Super Star)
This Pageant Apprentice, Top Model and Super Star has one of the most colorful tags in the Forum. Why not? Aside from the fact that he truly deserved all these tags due to his hard work, he is indeed very charming, friendly, and is always ready to share his pageant analysis of all major pageants for the Year 2013. It is normally well-received by Forum Members, thus, making his pageant analysis thread a blockbuster hit!

Darkvindak from Serbia
We seldom see someone from Europe who follows all the BIG 4 pageant, much more, if he is an Ambassador. Darkvindak is that rare breed. Coming from the country with endless supply of beautiful men and women, his input in the preliminary judging will certainly make a good balance in the final result.

HARAYA from the Philippines
(Pageant Expert)
Who does not know the Prediction Game Master, who also happens to be one of the greatest contributors of quality threads in the Forum? HARAYA is the name! In fact, he is also a magnificent graphic artist, who is always ready to offer his help in making pageant banners. His pre-pageant and even post-pageant analysis are being anticipated by many followers. In fact, just recently, a thread that he made months back have been shared by more than a thousand times via Facebook.






1Philippines World9.885
2Spain Universe9.704
3Serbia Earth9.693
4France World9.680
5Ukraine World9.628
6Ukraine Universe9.466
7Thailand Earth9.410
8Spain World9.376
9Brazil World9.362
10Great Britain Universe9.320
11Poland Universe9.295
12Puerto Rico Universe9.275
13Venezuela Earth9.269
14Iceland International9.213
15Mexico Earth9.114
16Ghana World9.098
17Korea Earth9.081
18United States World9.049
19Venezuela Universe9.036
20Netherlands International9.005
21Ecuador Universe8.978
22Italy World8.869
23Gabon International8.854
24India Universe8.849
25Poland Earth8.833
26Lithuania International8.825
27Dominican Rep Universe8.823
28Costa Rica Universe8.760
29Puerto Rico International8.744
30Brazil Universe8.725
31New Zealand International8.724
32Indonesia Universe 8.723
33Martinique Earth8.711
34Philippines International8.694
35India World8.674
36Chile Earth8.646
37Austria Earth8.598
38Spain International8.585
39Philippines Earth8.571
39Brazil International8.571
41Colombia International8.568
42Slovakia World8.561
43Hungary International8.560
44Japan World8.505
45Gibraltar International8.488
46Netherlands World8.408
47Nicaragua Universe8.394
48France Earth8.355
49Spain Earth8.350
50England World8.338
51USA Universe8.318
51Australia World8.318
53Russia International8.296
54South Africa Earth8.279
55Turkey Earth8.275
56Ecuador International8.261
57Switzerland Universe8.254
58Thailand International8.226
58USA International8.226
60Gibraltar World8.153
61Jamaica World8.143
62Philippines Universe8.136
63China Earth8.099
64China Universe 8.048
65Aruba World7.983
65Indonesia World7.983
67USA Earth7.876
68Dominican Rep World7.865
69Mauritius Earth7.770
70Belgium Wold7.769
71Nepal World7.754
72Canada World7.681