Timeless Beauty 2017: Meet the Top 25

With the help of select members of the Missosology forum (missosology.info), the 92 quarter-finalists of Timeless Beauty 2017 were trimmed down to just 25.
This exclusive group will be subjected to another round of judging with a completely different set of judges.
Without further ado, here are the Missosology Timeless Beauty 2016 Top 25 semifinalists:

Timeless Beauty 2017 Preliminary Scores

Rank Big5 candidate Average
1 Universe South Africa – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters 4.765
2 International Venezuela – Diana Croce 4.706
3 Earth Venezuela – Ninoska Vásquez 4.353
4 Supranational Ethiopia – Bitaniya Yosef 4.235
5 Earth Thailand – Paweensuda Drouin 4.176
6 World Russia – Polina Popova 4.059
7 World El Salvador – Fatima Cuellar 4.000
7 World India – Manushi Chhillar 4.000
9 Supranational Colombia – Tica Martinez 3.941
10 Universe Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp 3.882
11 Universe Venezuela – Keysi Sayago 3.824
12 International Lithuania – Patricija Belousova (IOSWT) 3.706
13 International Indonesia – Kevin Lilliana 3.647
13 Universe Philippines – Rachel Peters 3.647
15 Earth Netherlands – Faith Landman 3.588
16 Universe Brazil – Monalysa Alcântara 3.588
17 World France – Aurore Kichenin 3.471
17 World Mexico – Andrea Meza 3.471
19 Earth Colombia – Juliana Franco 3.412
20 Universe Jamaica – Davina Bennett 3.353
20 Universe Sri Lanka – Christina Peiris 3.353
22 International Curaçao – Chanelle de Lau 3.294
22 Supranational Philippines – Chanel Olive Thomas 3.294
24 Earth Russia – Lada Akimova 3.235
24 Supranational Poland – Paulina Maziarz 3.235
Earth Angola – Ermelinda De Matos 3.176
Universe Colombia – Laura González 3.176
Universe Mexico – Denisse Franco (IOSWT) 3.176
Supranational Romania – Bianca Tirsin 3.118
World Kenya – Magline Jeruto 3.118
Earth Puerto Rico – Karla Victoria Aponte (IOSWT) 3.059
International Panama – Darelys Santos 3.059
World Philippines – Laura Lehmann (IOSWT) 3.059
Earth Australia – Nina Robertson 3.000
International South Africa – Tayla Robinson 3.000
Earth Switzerland – Sarah Laura Peyrel 2.941
Universe Spain – Sofía del Prado 2.941
World Indonesia – Achintya Holte Nilsen 2.941
World Nigeria – Ugochi Ihezue 2.941
Earth Bosnia & Herzegovina – Lela Karagić 2.882
Earth Cameroon – Angele Kossinda 2.824
International Laos – Phounesup Phonnyotha 2.824
Earth Tonga – Diamond Langi 2.765
International Japan – Natsuki Tsutsui 2.765
Universe Great Britain – Anna Burdzy 2.765
International United Kingdom – Ashley Powell 2.706
Supranational India – Peden Ongmu Namgyal 2.706
Supranational Puerto Rico – Larissa Santiago 2.706
Supranational Venezuela – Geraldine Duque (IOSWT) 2.706
Supranational Indonesia – Karina Nadila 2.647
International Finland – Pihla Koivuniemi 2.588
Supranational Korea – Jenny Kim 2.588
Universe Canada – Lauren Howe 2.588
Universe Ghana – Ruth Quashie 2.588
International Ecuador – Jocelyn Mieles 2.529
International Thailand – Ratiyaporn Chookaew 2.529
Supranational Brazil – Thayna Kima 2.529
Earth Czech Republic – Iva Uchytilová 2.471
Earth Guatemala – Maria José Castañeda 2.471
Earth USA – Andreia Gibau 2.471
Earth Vietnam – Le Thi Ha Thu 2.471
Supranational Mexico – Samantha Leyva 2.471
Supranational Peru – Lesly Reyna 2.471
Universe USA – Kára McCullough 2.471
World Jamaica – Solange Sinclair 2.471
Earth Philippines – Karen Ibasco 2.412
Supranational Japan – Yuki Koshikawa 2.412
Supranational Portugal – Priscila Alves 2.412
Supranational Serbia – Bojana Bojanic 2.412
Supranational Thailand – Gift Jiraprapa Boonnuang 2.412
Supranational Vietnam – Khanh Phuong 2.412
Supranational Wales – Rachel Tate 2.412
World Mongolia – Enkhjin Tseveendash 2.412
World South Africa – Adè van Heerden 2.412
International Australia – Amber Dew 2.353
Supranational Albania – Alessia Coku 2.353
Universe Croatia – Shanaelle Petty 2.353
Universe Ireland – Cailín Toíbín 2.353
World England – Stephanie Hill 2.353
World Japan – Haruka Yamashita 2.353
World Macau – Cloe Lan Wan-Ling 2.353
International Slovakia – Petra Varaliová 2.294
Supranational Australia – Alecia McCallum 2.294
Supranational Bolivia – Romina Rocamonje Fuentes 2.294
Supranational South Sudan – Bianca Olivier 2.294
World Korea – Ha-eun Kim 2.294
International Ghana – Angela Martey 2.235
Supranational Costa Rica – Nicole Menayo 2.235
Supranational Italy – Barbara Storoni 2.235
Supranational Jamaica – Nicole Stoddart 2.235
International Honduras – Vanessa Villars 2.176
Universe China – Roxette Qiu 2.176
* IOSWT: “If Only She Was There” is an honorary title given by Missosology to a Big5 candidate who in our opinion deserves to be in the semifinals of her respective pageant but failed to make it.

The preliminary judges

The Missosology core group selected this group of accomplished individuals from the forum to help select the best among the best of 2017 pageants.
Chenes (Pageant Expert) This progam manager from Toronto, Canada has been a member of the forum since 2009. He is known for his critical pageant reviews and poignant tribute videos for beauty queens.
Cronista (Predictionist) He is one of the forum’s best predictionists. He hails from Mexico and is one of the main contributors of Missosology Mexico’s official page.
David: God of Gods (Pageant Expert) From the Philippines is this registered nurse and former cabin crew. He has been following pageants for 14 years now.
IanC062 (Ambassador) This MA student in Museum Studies from Ireland have always admired beauty queens for their projection and confidence.
MariaAndreina (Pageant Expert) This media production major was born in Quito, Ecuador but moved to Florida. Her interest for pageants began as a little girl back in 2004 when Miss Universe was hosted in her own city.
Minivaan (Ambassador) This pageant fan from Managua, Nicaragua has been a member of the forum since 2009. He was once voted as by fellow forum members as a top contributor for his informative threads.
Ms_melanie (Pageant Specialist) She is one of the forum’s most entertaining members, who is most active during male pageant season.
Pippo93 (Ambassador) This 24-year-old medicine student from Benevento, Italy discovered his love for pageants at the age of 3, but avidly followed pageantry when Dayana Mendoza won Miss Universe in 2008.
Pulchritude (Ambassador) Representing Lebanon is one of the forum’s best predictionists in male pageants. He works in the field of linguistics and translation.
Qwerty1234 (Moderator) He is one of Missooslogy’s forum moderators and social media content creator for the male pageant page. Outside Missosology, he works in the Philippine Judiciary.
Queen Esther (VIP) A controversial name in the Missosology forum, Queen Esther never fails to give insider info during pageant season.
Sexydrew82 (Pageant Expert) One of the most respected icons in the forum is this pageant expert from Canada. He is a huge fan of haute couture and pageant fashion, and the blogger of “The Pageant Spotlight”.
Stoichio (Pageant Expert) It was Miriam Quiambao’s 1999 Miss Universe runner-up finish that made this chemical engineer follow pageants religiously.
Uno – God of Beauty (Pageant Expert) He is an eventologist and stylist from Paris, France and writes exclusively for Missosology forum as one of its resident specialists.
Valleriam (Pageant Expert) The pageant loving island of Puerto Rico is represented in the judging panel by one of the most respected pageant experts in the forum. He is from Guaynabo. Missosology.Org