Timeless Beauty 2018 is H’Hen Niê of Vietnam

Text and graphics by Drew Francisco
With a final score of 4.576, our Missosology Timeless Beauty 2018 is H’Hen Niê of Vietnam.
H’Hen Niê is the first from her country to be proclaimed Missosology’s Timeless Beauty. She is the third Asian to win the accolade, since the award was formally organized by Missosology in 2010. Aside from that, H’Hen broke her country’s drought in Miss Universe, placing in the Top 20 for the first time since Vietnam hosted the pageant in 2008. Her Top 5 placement is also the highest her country has ever achieved in Miss Universe history.
Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Niê during the Miss Universe 2018 preliminary competition. (Photo by Bong Tan)
Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Niê during the Miss Universe 2018 preliminary competition. (Photo by Bong Tan)
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.318
Overall performance: 4.636
Global impact: 4.773
H’Hen came from an ethnic minority and by custom was supposed to get married at age 14. “I did not want to live a life where I had to marry early like many other kids had in my village,” she said. “…I had to follow my dreams.”
She moved to Ho Chi Minh and worked as a domestic helper in order to put herself to college. After finishing her degree in economics, she worked as a model en route to becoming Miss Universe Vietnam. Her selflessness was admirable as she decided to use her prize money to build a library in the countryside.
H’Hen Nie, Miss Vietnam 2018, is announced as a Top 5 finalist on stage during The MISS UNIVERSE® Competition. (HO/The Miss Universe Organization)
In the Miss Universe stage, H’Hen was remarkable. Her pixie cut hair was an embodiment of being “confidently beautiful”. Every moment she was on stage, she milked every second of it. She was a star!
She might not have won the crown, but H’Hen won the hearts of the people with her inspiring story. “From nothing, here I am. I can do it, you can do it,” she said during her opening statement in Miss Universe. The Vietnamese stunner defied traditions and standards and that makes her a true Timeless Beauty. Missosology.Org
* * *
Missosology would like to thank all of the judges who took part in Timeless Beauty 2018: our forum members for the quarterfinals; admins and global correspondents for the semifinals; and our finals judges – Alejandra Andreu (Miss International 2008), Katherine Espin (CEO of Miss Earth Ecuador and Miss Earth 2016), Seung Hwan Lee (Mister International 2017), Lisa Lents (CEO of Miss Denmark and Miss World Denmark 2008), Bitaniya Yosef (Miss Supranational 2017 third runner-up), Cristhian Puesan (national director of Miss Universe and Miss International Haiti), Lyron Martina (national director of Mister International Netherlands), Andrew Alcalde (social media influencer and blogger of The Pageant Spotlight), Donald Nguyen (pageant coach), and Pedro Francisco Marquez (co-founder of Miss Star of Russia).
Also, to the thousands of pageant fans who showed their support for the 2018 Big5 queens. See you next year!