Meet the Top 20 beauties vying for the Timeless Beauty 2015 title! With the help of Missosology’s in-house pageant and beauty experts, from the original 66 candidates only 20 remain in the competition. They will be subjected to another round of judging with a completely different set of judges.

Timeless Beauty 2016 Top 20
Timeless Beauty 2016 Top 20

Complete tabulation of scores showing the average scores.

1 MW Lebanon – Valerie Abou Chacra             4.727
2 MI Venezuela – Edymar Martínez                 4.682
3 MU Philippines – Pia Wurtzbach                      4.541
4 MW Russia – Sofia Nikitchuk                       4.500
5 MU USA – Olivia Jordan                               4.482
6 MU Colombia – Ariadna Gutierrez                 4.450
7 MU France – Flora Coquerel                         4.273
8 MI Kenya – Eunice Onyango                        4.227
9 MW Poland – Marta Palucka                         4.223
10 MU Vietnam – Huong Pham (IOSWT)           4.182
11 MU Dominican Republic – Clarissa Molina     4.136
12 MW Spain – Mireia Lalaguna                       4.036
13 MI Honduras – Jennifer Valle                      3.773
14 MW Philippines – Hillarie Parungao              3.755
15 ME Panama – Carmen Jaramillo (IOSWT)     3.727
15 MW France – Hinarere Taputu                     3.727
17 MI Mexico – Lorena Sevilla                         3.591
18 MI Philippines – Janicel Lubina                    3.582
19 MW Vietnam – Tran Ngoc Lan Khue              3.545
20 MI Brazil – Isis Stocco                                3.527

IOSWT means If Only She Was There…This is an honorary title given to a beauty who deserves a place at the semis but failed to make it.

Missosology Timeless Beauty 2015
Preliminary Judges
(composed of select forum members)

KUKULKÁN from Mexico
This HR manager from Mexico started following pageants since he saw Dayanara Torres crowed as Miss Universe 1993.

IanC062 from Ireland
Ian is an undergraduate student of History and Classics from Ireland. The main reason he follows pageants is his respect for any woman that is confident enough to follow her dreams.

NovemberRain from Indonesia
Didi from West Java, Indonesia works in a bank on Jakarta. Miss Universe 2000 was the first pageant that he watched and that started his passion for pageants.

Islander1 from the Cayman Islands
(Pageant Expert)
This hospitality management student from the Cayman Islands started following pageants in 2012, when Lindsay Japal was Miss Cayman Islands.

Karissa from Kurdistan, Iraq
This beauty from Kurdistan, in Iraq stidies IT science. She is very determined to put Kurdistan in the pageant map, thus, she’s been following closely all the BIG 5 Pageants.

Jon A (Pageant Expert)
He is a consultant based in the US, but travels around the world. Pageants has always facinated him, and that has given him the chance to get to know many pageant organizations and directors.

terese23 from the USA
(Pageant Expert)
She works a nurse in Florida and loves watching pageants because of the diversity of beauties.

Eriol from Venezuela
One of Missosology’s indefatigable contributors from the powerhouse country.

MariaAndreina from Ecuador
(Pageant Expert)
This media production major was born in Quito, Ecuador but moved to Florida. Her interest for pageants began as a little girl back in 2004 when Miss Universe was hosted in her own city.

Valleriam from Puerto Rico
(Pageant Expert)
The pageant loving island of Puerto Rico is represented in the judging panel by one of the most respected pageant experts in the forum, Valleriam.

HARAYA from the Philippines
He is one of Missosology’s correspondents in local and international pageants, who also wrote pageant predictions for online news outfit Rappler. Outside Missosology, he works as a web production editor for a British financial newspaper.


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