Timeless Beauty 2015 Top 10


From 66 semifinalists, the Timeless Beauty 2015 contest has progressed to Top 20 and now the Top 10. For the first round of voting, select members of Missosology forum were tasked to select the 20 best beauty queens. Then, for the second and last phase, Missosology admins and distinguished personalities in world of pageantry scored each 20 beauties which ultimately determines the winner.

The scores and the winner will be announced progressively in the coming days! So stay tuned. For now, here are the Top 10 in alphabetical order based on the name of the country they are representing.

1.) Miss Universe Colombia Ariadna Guttierez – this fierce Colombian truly upped the ante last year at the Miss Universe pageant. She fought against all odds and came so close in winning the crown. Her feisty walk and her Latina aura makes her a serious contender to become the next Timeless Beauty.

2.) Miss Universe France Flora Coquerel – no one could deny that this French ebony beauty can be the next la beauté intemporelle. She’s queenly and she has a lot of class. Flora has brought France into the Top 5 of Miss Universe which is something that was never seen since her country’s victory in 1952!

3.) Miss World Lebanon Valerie Abou Chacra – a very popular beauty, Valerie is actually the choice of netizens. She is a captivating beauty and everyone thought she will be the first Lebanese beauty to win the Miss World crown. Unfortunately, destiny has some other plans for her. Winning  the Timeless Beauty 2015 perhaps?

4.) Miss Earth Panama Carmen Jaramillo – so far the only Miss Earth contestant to make this far. She is actually not a semifinalist at Miss Earth but rather a “If Only She Were There…” girl. If she will win the Timeless Beauty competition, thanks to her classy personality, it will be a big slap to those who ignored her beauty!

5.) Miss Universe Philippines Pia Wurtzbach – a girl who defied all expectations and who rose above in one of the most controversial and scandalous situations could indeed be a timeless beauty. Grounded, smart and with affable personality, Pia will surely become the most unforgettable Miss Universe in recent years.

6.) Miss World Philippines Hillarie Parungao – one of the consistent favorites at Miss World 2015 contest, Hillarie is a surprise Top 10 finisher of Timeless Beauty 2015. As it seems, her sweet face and superb performance at the Miss World 2015 pageant won the hearts of our admins and our distinguished panel of judges.

7.) Miss World Poland Marta Palucka – A heavy favorite at Miss World 2015, Marta is the embodiment of a true Miss World. She’s a sweet beauty that comes across as elegant and these could make her as the next Timeless Beauty!

8.) Miss World Russia Sofia Nikitchuk – this Russian stunner and the Miss World 2015 first princess could be the perfect Timeless Beauty. Her beauty transcends boundaries and she is one of the most unforgettable beauties to ever compete in any of the major international pageants.

9.) Miss Spain  Mireia Lalaguna – her beauty is rather divisive but what makes Mireia a deserving Timeless Beauty is her genuine personality. She exudes the ideal traits of a true beauty queen – approachable, sweet, demure and above all, compassionate.

10.) Miss International Venezuela Edymar Martinez – the best Venezuelan beauty queen of 2015, Edymar gained a lot of fans because of the freshness of her beauty, her regal personality and good rapport to the public. Truly, Edymar deserves to be called a Timeless Beauty!

The judges

For the second and final round of judging, Missosology admins took the task of judging the remaining Top 20 and then invited several distinguished personalities in the world of beauty pageants to help us out. The Missosology admins who sat as judges are as follows:

Stephen Diaz – he is the Associate Editor of Missosology and is responsible for covering Miss International. He is also the lead editor of the Japanese section of Missosology.

Drew Francisco – is a contributor for an online media outlet in the Philippines. He is the lead editor of Missosology for Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

Ric Galvez – the overall coordinator, founder and President of Missosology. He also regularly writes analyses for Missosology covering the political aspects of beauty pageants.

Santi Mendber – is the administrator of the Missosology-Mexico section and is in charge in covering all the major pageants in his home country.

Meanwhile, the distinguished personalities who helped the Missosology admins are as follows:

Alejandra Andreu – is a Spanish model, journalist, TV personality and the winner of the Miss International 2008 pageant.

Paulina Malulu – the only Namibian beauty queen who has participated in all of the Big4 Pageants. She currently runs her own skin-care clinic in Windhoek.

Maria Tsarungi-Tsehai – a Tanzanian journalist and a key personality in East African fashion scene. She is the organizer of the Miss Universe Tanzania pageant.

Britt Harrison – organizer of the nationals for Miss Supranational and Miss International in the United States.

Mr. Mega Angkasa -Senior Corporate Comnunication Mustika Ratu and Head Of Communication for Yayasan Puteri Indonesia.

Donald Nguyen – responsible for the training and refinement of several Vietnamese beauty, he is currently concentrating his energies in finding the next Miss World Vietnam.

Peter Sereno -Creator and owner of Dear Pageant Girl, Australia’s leading and premier pageant resource centre, Peter is credited for creating an industry out of pageants in Australia and is the driving force and official voice for the industry.



  1. Carmen Jaramillo from Panama got screwed in Miss Earth 2015. Please don’t screw her over here too. The woman has suffered enough.