Timeless Beauty 2015 is Edymar Martinez of Venezuela


Edymar Martinez, Miss International 2015, is the Timeless Beauty 2015. She gained an average score of 4.409. Five of the eleven judges gave her the perfect score of 5.

History has been made as Edymar is the first ever Miss International candidate to win the Timeless Beauty contest. The impeccable beauty of Edymar has been very evident since her Miss Venezuela days. She started a career in modelling at a very early age and then decided to join the world of pageantry at the age of 15.

Edymar is truly a gem of Venezuela with her fresh aura and a phenomenal body form – a perfect 35-23-35 figure! Of course she is not just about physical beauty. She was also known for her good rapport with fellow contestants during the Miss International 2015 pageant where instead of being way too competitive, she developed friendship and sisterhood.

While winning the Miss International crown could be the most unforgettable moment of her pageant career, it was during Puteri Indonesia 2015 contest where she shined the most. Edymar, wearing a fabulous kebaya, proved to the world that her beauty is universal and is truly timeless.

Fresh, queenly, shapely and friendly, time and season will never fade the Timeless Beauty of Edymar Martinez. Truly, she is the best among the best for the pageant year of 2015!


  1. Well deserved. She´s very beautiful and charming. One th most beautiful girls in the beauty peagents these years.

  2. And correct me if I am wrong, the only important event she ever went to was the crowning of Miss Indonesia which actually is not as relevant as far as charities are concerned. Missosology you never cease to amaze us. Too many fails these past few years. Selecting the wrong winners annually and then attempting to shine by selecting another girl to be the Timeless Beauty winner. You’re credibility is zero anyways.

    • The most beautiful BIG4 winner of 2015 is Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines. That’s how it shall be remembered and that’s how it will be written. Amen!!

  3. Edymar’s hispanic beauty is ordinary compared another hispanic- Miss Supranational Stephanie Stegman.

    Comparing Edymar to Pia is like comparing a real queen who is Pia and Edymar who looks like a little princess. If I meet both in person, I will probably be more interested to know Pia who I see has more depth than Edymar whose beauty and presence is common in South America.

    • WTF are u talkin bout girl?!!!…hispanic?…Edymar’s beauty is COMMON in south america?… dont make me laugh !!! u CLEARLY know shit bout common beauty in south america, lika AT ALL
      btw ofc u will find pia with more depth thn her, PIA IS 6 YEARS OLDER !!!!…ANYWAY !!!!

      • I’ve been to South America guurl and Edymar is a common face in South America from Agrentina all the way to Colombia.

  4. She’s pretty, no doubt- the sweet type- but to me she remains a beauty lightweight, relatively speaking. She lacks the smart, confident and sophisticated look that I expect from topnotch beauty queens.

  5. I’m from Philippines and I think she really deserves it . Her beauty is looking so fresh and very addicting to look at. And Congratulations to our Queen Pia for being 1st runner up.