The best in gown


The gowns this year at Big4 pageants come in many colors and designs and it is a bit perplexing to choose which ones are the best. The white gown of Janicel Lubina at Miss International 2015 designed by the renowned designer Leo Almodal is a heavenly creation wherein the bridal white color complements the skin tone of its wearer. The cut nicely hugged the figure of Janicel and its floral appliqué put the whole dress in a playful mood. The skirt area tightened up till the knee length where it spreads out till the hemline for an added elegant look.

Interestingly, the best gown at Miss Earth 2015 is also a Leo Almodal gown. Miss Philippines Angelia Ong, the winner, wore a gold-hued off-shoulder gown that looked absolutely perfect. The lithe physique of Angelia was further highlighted by this gown. The sexy touch was there with the generous opening along the bustier area. It was a bit of a risqué gown as Angelia could potential expose more than what was ideal. In overall though, the gown was a perfect match for Angelia’s long straight hair.

At Miss World, the choices for the Best in Gown were so numerous and each pageant observers and fashion experts we asked gave varying opinions. As this is Miss World, the red gown of Miss Russia Sofia Nikitchuk was the most apropos for anyone seeking that coveted blue crown. The red dress was designed by the legendary Russian couturier Igor Chapurin. The rich silk red looked radiant and expensive especially when seen live onstage. The gown was very royal and in fact very much Miss World-esque.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutirriez ruled the Miss Universe 2015 runway with her beautiful cream gown. The extensive and elaborate beading all over gave it an air of sophistication. It is a jaw dropping creation that made Ariadna’s figure even sexier and the way she carried it was simply perfection. No wonder that Ariadna used this gown, designed by the famous Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza, at both the prelims and at the finals. This is indeed a divine gown custom made for a divine delegate.

The best in swimsuit


We all know by now that Miss World has truly ditched the swimsuit competition a.k.a. beach beauty. Whether it’s a way forward or a step backward, time can only tell. It is however quite awkward to have a beauty pageant that does not include this very important event.

For the rest of Big4, Miss Venezuela Edymar Martinez owns a perfect body form that truly made her a deserving Miss International. Her leggy physique and having the right curves at the right places certainly wowed the judges. She even won the Perfect Body award in the pageant!

At Miss Earth, Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel showed that she deserved a gold medal at the swimsuit contest, although it was won by Colombia during the medal event. This lady is without doubt a statuesque beauty with sharp oriental features and a fit figure. Her overall body structure truly complements her beauty, and such beautiful form was perfected by her passion in martial arts!  Needless to say, it’s what Hollywood can do to someone who is about to appear in the next season of Marco Polo.

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach is best in swimsuit because this lady transformed herself dramatically. She displayed a vavavoom body at Miss Universe when a few months back before the pageant, she was severely criticized for having an unflattering figure. Pia’s figure is truly mesmerizing and aren’t we all drooling for her heavenly bosom?

The best in National Costume


The shared history of Honduras and Guatemala is very much evident in the national costumes of Jennifer Valle at Miss International and Sara Guerrero at Miss Earth. Both used pre-Columbian costumes adorned with colorful features and accessories. It evokes the richness of the Mayan culture since the Mayan empire covered the entire Guatemala and the western portions of Honduras.

Meanwhile at Miss World, while officially there were no national costumes, the Dances of the World provided a great alternative. Miss Venezuela Anyela Galante‘s tribute to her country’s most revered pianist, Teresa Carreño, evoked a historical past full of elegance and sophistication. Anyela looked great in that costume with a nice red parasol as accessory.

And finally, the best perhaps among the rest was the national costume of Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong. It was an out of the box idea that paid homage to the ubiquitous mode of transport in Bangkok – the tuktuk. Lasers were used to get the 3D image of Aniporn’s body so that the whole costume will be created using a computer software to ensure a perfect fit! No wonder it won the Best in National Costume at Miss Universe!

Quotable Quotes


“I would like to use my voice, my confidence, my influence and my actions to inspire the world.”

Miss Vietnam Phạm Hồng Thúy Vân during her final speech at Miss International 2015


“We will because we can!”

Miss Philippines Angelia Ong‘s response to the final question on what should be the new slogan of Miss Earth


“We are … made to not just exist in this world but to make a difference.”

Miss Indonesia Maria Harfanti on why she should be the next Miss World


“I want to show the world – the Universe rather – that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.”

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach on why she should be the next Miss Universe



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