Miss Universe Australia’s national costume for the upcoming Miss Universe 2014 competition in Doral on January 25, 2015, has been unvieled recently. The winning designer is Caitlin Holstock whose costume as news.com.au describes, “features colours from the Australian desert and a large sunset motif and was designed with permission from the Wurundgeri tribe.” The aboriginal art can be found at the skirt of the costume but what caught the attention of the critics is the gargantuan accessory made of foldable tent poles.

Tegan presents to the public her national costume for Miss Universe 2014
Designer Caitlin Holstock drew inspiration from Aboriginal art

Extending a least a meter from both sides, Tegan may find it difficult to see her sides but that does not bother her. “I’ve just to get my crab-walking technique down pat – I can’t see anything out to the side,” she told Yahoo News. The costume which is inspired by Aboriginal Dreamtime sunset has not spared from criticisms despite being the choice of the general public after an online voting was carried out. Daily Life made a headline saying that the National Costume is awkward in many levels. Some called the costume way too huge.


Australian National Costumes has been the subject of many criticisms every year. The Miss Universe Australia organization has decided to conduct online polls in order for the general public to choose the appropriate costumes for Australian contestants.






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