Sweden’s Isabella Jedler Forsman allegations against the Miss International Organization


Miss Sweden Isabella Jedler Forsman recently bowed out of the Miss International 2015 competition and upon her return to Sweden, she did a tell all to a local newspaper. Isabella alleged that upon her arrival in Japan, all of the Miss International contestants had to surrender their passwords of all their social media accounts – a fact that she derided because for her it is a breach of privacy.

However, what irked Isabella the most is when she had to attend an event with 15 men on tables with numbers designating which table would the candidates would sit. She complained that she felt like an escort.

Isabella Jedler Forsman
Isabella Jedler Forsman


During the past few days, the Miss International delegates attended various activities which included mingling with the locals. The numbers on the tables are meant to ensure that there is orderly seating arrangements according to the people who were in the event. After the ceremonial toasts, the candidates are free to stay or leave.

Isabella further said that she barely had any sleep as she and her fellow candidates attended so many events. At one point, she was “scolded” according to her allegation for failing to show up in an event. Interesting to note that Isabella did not mention that she is the only candidate that has so far brought her mother to the contest.

According to one reliable source, the mother of Isabella has been protective of her and made several demands. In her allegation, Isabella has to involve the police so she can retrieve her passport and go home. The Miss International Organization staff reminded Isabella that by participating the pageant, she has some obligations and responsibilities and has to come up with a strong reason on why she is backing out.

Sources told Missosology that it was evident that Isabella is not pageant ready. The fact that she brought her mom with her – the only one among the delegates – indicate that this could indeed be true. Isabella is by far the only delegate to back out and her story was not corroborated by at least one fellow contestant.



  1. well, it’s quite obvious that this story is biased against Isabella. then again, missosology is the home of cheaters, as we all can recall from last year’s smaller pageants.

    • really? but how come she was the only candidate who complained? The way I see it, she “quit” because she knew she wouldn’t win and in that pool of beauties around the world, she is among those unfortunately not as gorgeous as the others. She is in fact among the ugliest. Sensing there’s no way she’s going to win, she stage a drama and fabricated story and off she goes. Sorry but nobody sympatize with her. Miss Sweden Organization should sue her for not fulfilling her duties.