Srinidhi Shetty: An Indefatigable Supra Queen


Srinidhi Shetty: An Indefatigable Supra Queen

It has been two weeks since the beautiful Srinidhi Shetty had left Japan.  She came on her first ever duty as Miss Supranational 2016 to crown a national queen.  Since then, her remarkable impact has remained especially to those who were blessed to meet her in person.
Last May 4th, Srinidhi arrived in Japan as a VIP guest for the 2017 dermozone Miss Supranational Japan competition.  Despite the jet lag and long flight, she appeared right away to face the contestants even with minimal make-up.  A few hours later, she was ready to judge them in the preliminary swimsuit and interview competition.


The Miss Supranational Japan pageant concluded on May 6th at the Saitama Kaikan, where Srinidhi crowned the eventual winner, Yuki Koshikawa.  Together with the famous Filipino designer, Leo Almodal, who was invited to dress up the Top 10 finalists wearing his amazing creations, Srinidhi simply showed what a sweet and humble person she is during her brief stay in Urawa and Tokyo.  She is definitely an epitome of an unpretentious and vivacious young woman, who at the same time, never loses her sophistication.


Fun times! Srinidhi and Filipino designer Leo Almodal at the Meiji Shrine in central Tokyo.
Needless to say, Srinidhi is not your typical beauty queen.  Born and raised in Mangalore, but is now working in Mumbai, she is actually an engineer by profession.  After winning the Miss Supranational India title last year, and eventually winning the international crown, she has ben working full-time as a beauty queen.  She is currently busy with her duties and commitments as Miss Supranational 2016.  In fact, she will soon kick-off her Bollywood career when her movie shooting starts this June.
Srinidhi Shetty in Shibuya, Tokyo. She is an engineer by profession.
Being an engineer, Srinidhi is very adaptable and used to work pressure.  Asked if she misses her days as an ordinary office worker, she was quick to react that she really missed her Filipino workmates, whom she had a wonderful time working with. She also admitted that despite having a lot of Filipino friends, she has never been to the Phililppines. She vowed to visit the archipelago once she is not busy with work.
Meanwhile, while in Japan, Srinidhi never failed to impress.  She was always on time, perfectly dressed for the occasion, and would be the first one to initiate a conversation.  However, what was mostly impressive about Srinidhi was the fact that she would never complain at anything.  As a matter of fact, she volunteered on things to do without being asked for.  One proof was during the eve of the final gala, right after the evening gown preliminaries.
Although Srinidhi just came back from judging in the said event – which happened just after her trip to Shibuya – she did not hesitate to ask the Japanese organizers if she could spend some time with the finalists to give them a pep talk.  She shared some valuable tips on how to perform well on stage, and to be totally relaxed and confident on their own skin.  She even stayed late at night, and taught some of the contestants on how to walk and pose, all of those until 2:00 AM.


Srinidhi was caught teaching a Miss Supranational Japan finalist at 2:00 AM.
Truth to be told, being with Srinidhi had cleared some questions about the kind of woman that the Miss Supranational organization is looking for a winner. It is certainly not just limited to physical attributes.  With an ever-growing brand name and an impressive pageant night, Miss Supranational had chosen the perfect woman to represent the organization for one year.  But for someone of Srinidhi’s caliber, one year would be too short!
No doubt, Srinidhi’s presence and wonderful personality had left a lasting impact during her six-day trip to Japan.  She is, historically, the first Miss Supranational winner, and reigning Big 5 queen from India to visit Japan.  Whether on or off stage, Srinidhi is a person who is always on the go.  All those who are blessed to meet Srinidhi will surely find her charming and endearing to be with. Suffice to say that all the national organizations who have already booked for her presence in their respective pageant will certainly reap more than what they asked for.
Indeed, with Srinidhi, we have found an indefatigable Supra queen! / Stephen I. Diaz