Miss World Kurdistan press conference will be taking place today at Diva Hotel in Erbil.  Shene Aziz Ako, 20 years old, will be officially presented as Miss World Kurdistan 2014-2015.


Back in the 2012 when the Kurdistan Iraq region asked for the license, the Miss World Organization didn’t approve it because of a slight misunderstanding.  What many people may not be aware is that Kurdistan is a region that belongs to Iraq.  However, there is also a Greater Kurdistan, which is the one that takes its borders to Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.  MWO confused the Kurdistan Iraq region with the Greater Kurdistan, thus the confusion on giving the license. The Greater Kurdistan is not recognized by the United Nations and it does not exists as an official geo-political unit.

Miss World reportedly accepts autonomous territories and overseas regions as long as they are dependent to only one nation and have clearly defined borders to separate them from their mother nation.

The region of Kurdistan Iraq has its own president, laws, language, military force and identity cards.



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