Miss USA 2014 Hot Picks No. 1


Missosology’s Miss USA 2014 1st Hot Picks

1. Alabama
2. New York
3. North Dakota
4. New Hampshire
5. Maryland

6. Oklahoma
8. Florida
9. Minnesota
10. Nevada

11. Utah
12. Connecticut
13. Tennessee
14. Iowa
15. Delaware

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  1. it will be someone in the middle of the list.

    yes in the past we have seen #1 ranked girls actually take the crown but it is rare.

    issue 1-

    most beautiful face- often will not have a good runway walk. So although I would LOVE to see someone from North Dakota do well, I’m not counting on it.

    issue 2-

    best runway walk PLUS most beautiful face- might not do well in interview. (no saying they are stupid- they will not give the answers Mr. Trump is looking for.)

    so i will not make a list, but rather post the top 6 delegates who i will be cheering for.

    -Wisconsin- she is so unique and this is not typically a ‘sash state’

    -Delaware- will this be the year they finally get in the top 15?

    -Hawaii- i think she is amazing but if she has a bad runway walk it’s all over for her.

    -Idaho- another one who is beautiful, unique and smart- but if her runway walk is bad there is no hope for her.

    -NY- she is just amazing. if she does not make the top 15 I am turning off my tv.

    -Texas-I have been a fan of her since Miss Teen USA. it took her sooooo many tries to get the Miss Texas USA title, if she can do well it will be a Cinderella story.

  2. I’m sorry but they are all wearing so much makeup and photo shopped to the max I doubt very much any of them actually look that way!

  3. Tennessee looks like she might be a naturally beautiful woman. Minnesota is interesting too. Utah and Oklahoma are pretty and cute, but more for Miss Teen USA.