Miss World America 2015 is Victoria Mendoza



Miss Arizona World Victoria Mendoza is flanked by Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss and Miss World Americas 2014 Elizabeth Safrit. Victoria won the right to represent the United States at the Miss World 2015 contest

Victoria Mendoza reigned supreme in the just concluded Miss World America contest, a pageant which determines who will represent the United States in the Miss World pageant. All the 50 states including the territory of American Samoa and the District of Columbia were represented in the pageant.


Victoria Mendoza with the last year’s winner Elizabeth Safrit

With the reigning Miss World Rolene Strauss in attendance, Miss World 2014 second-princess Elizabeth Safrit relinquished her title to the 19 year old Arizonan beauty who hails from Phoenix. The candidate from Nebraska, Teresa Scanlan, who happens to be a former Miss America, was hailed as the first runner-up. Miss Texas World Rachel White is the second runner-up while Miss Louisiana World Kristy Landers Niedenfuer and Miss Virginia World Arielle Saige Rosmarino are the third and fourth runners-up respectively.


The Top 5 consists of contestants from (from left) Louisiana, Arizona, Virginia, Nebraska and Texas

The Miss World Americas pageant has concentrated much of the its time of Beauty with a Purpose project although the prelims on gowns has also been held. Conspicuously absent is the traditional swimsuit competition. The finals night was held in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C.. Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills hosted the event.

As the new Miss World America, Victoria will now represent the United States in the Miss World pageant. She will soon fly to Sanya, China later this year for the competition.


Top 12

Miss Missouri World Corrin Stellakis
Miss Kansas World Catherine Carmichael
Miss Nebraska World Teresa Scanlan
Miss Delaware World Taylor DeMario
Miss Massachusetts World Maude Gorman
Miss Illinois World Carlyn Bradarich
Miss Texas World Rachel White
Miss Arizona World Victoria Mendoza
Miss Florida World Kailyn Perez
Miss Virginia World Arielle Saige Rosmarino
Miss Maryland World Syanne Centeno
Miss Louisiana World Kristy Landers Niedenfue


    • If he truly hated Mexican Americans or any of the Latina countries boycotting MU, would there be so many previous MU winners from those countries even miss Mexico won as recent as 2010 .
      Below is a list of Donald trump & MUO owned miss universe pageants.:

      LUPITA JONEZ MX 1991
      Michelle Mcclaine Namibia 1992
      Dayanara Torres PR 1993
      Shumita Shin, IN 1994
      Chelsea Smith USA 1995
      Alicia Machado VZ 1996
      Brooke Lee USA 1997
      Wendy Fitzwilliams T&T 1998
      Mpuld Kwelagobe Botswana1999
      Laura dutta India 2000
      Denise Quiñones PR 2001
      Oxana Fedorova, RUSSIA 2002
      Amelia Vega DR 2003
      Jennifer Hawkins. AU 2004
      Natalie Glebova, Canada 2005
      Zukexa Rivera PR 2006
      Mexico 2007 Japan
      Riyo Mori Japan 2007
      Dayana Mendoza , VZ 2008
      stefania Hernandez ,VZ 2009
      Ximena NavRetta NEXICO 2010
      Leila lopes Angola 2011
      Olivia Culpo United States 2012 Olivia C Gabriella isler VZ 2014
      Colombia Paulina Vega 2015

      • FYI.
        Just like Donald Trump, you have insulted Latinos with your response.

        you forgot to include Justine Pasek from Panama who won when Oxana was detroned/.
        And VZ 2009 last name is FERNANDEZ NOT Hernandez ( Not all Spanish names look alike )
        PR 2006 first name is ZULEYKA, NPT Zulexa
        MEXICO 2010 last name is spelled wrong .It is Navarette.
        MEXICO is spelled wrong ,,it is NOT NEXICO
        MX 91,, you misspelled Lupita last name,, it is JONES, not Jonez.
        It appears you and Trump think alike that is why you support him.

        • I’m truly sorry, Latino Guy.
          I was not being insultive & I’m sorry you took it personal. I was just saying that many Latina girls have performed well or won & he didn’t stand in their way. I was on my iphonev& auto correct was on. When I was posting it. I, hurriedly copied & posted all of that info. From Wikipedia. It did not list Justine whenever Oxana was dethroned. Etc.
          All I did was try to arrange it in straight rows because it had where it was held,with exact dates of show, so in trying to make it more organized I probably did make several mistakes.
          Have a nice evening.

  1. Teresa Scanlan, wow that’s interesting. I guess since she won Miss America when she was just 18 she still has allot of pageant eligibility years left.

  2. Antoher latina winning the pagent, it seems that Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth will be the only international world wide pagent because Miss Universe is in a shipwreck!!!

    • I AGREE.Miss Universe is “in a shipwreck” .
      Donald Trump needs to relinquish his hold on Miss Universe Organization or it will die a sinking death.