Miss Philippines Earth 2015: First Hot Picks


Miss Philippines Earth 2015: First Hot Picks

It’s the time of the year again when beauties from all over the country strap on their heels for the worthy cause of spreading environmental awareness through the Miss Philippines Earth pageant.

More than 40 girls are vying for the top plum this year, and as the pageant progresses, here is a list of Missosologists’ top picks so far for the title.

Leading the pack for now is Chanel Olive Thomas, a 24-year-old model from San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. In her profile page, she said she wants to win so she will be able “to promote and teach awareness to the public about the environment and be a positive influencer.” With her stand-out beauty and charm, she might just take it all.

Not far behind is former Bb Pilipinas candidate Angelia Ong, representing the City of Manila. Winning the gold medal for the resort wear competition speaks a lot about this girl’s stage presence.

Check out the rest of the list here:


1. CHANEL OLIVE THOMAS (San Antonio, Nueva Ecija)
2. ANGELA GABRENA ONG (City of Manila)
4. JONA SWEETT (Iloilo City)
5. SOFIE LOREN DELIU (Baguio City)

6. MITSUME AGUILAR (Misamis Oriental)
7. CARLA VALDERRAMA (Siniloan, Laguna)
8. DIANA MACKEY (Cabanatuan City)
9. ALYSSA ASHLEY CALIMLIM (Villasis, Pangasinan)
10. ALYANNA CAGANDAHAN (Sta. Cruz, Laguna)

11. ALVIE SHAME LACSON (Bamban, Tarlac)
12. CHEZKA CARANDANG (Quezon City)
13. JHELIE HABANA (Bula, Camarines Sur)
15. PARISADA GALICINAO (Pagadian City)

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  1. I like Miss Philippines Earth pageant than any other beauty pageant in the Philippines. It’s really beauty for a cause.

    • beauty for a cause…a cause to make your country lose it´s priority and money over a worthless pageant!

      • and yet as usual i can’t help but show how much of a stupid and worthless asshole faggot i am by relentlessly browsing and leaving patently rude comments in articles like this which is all about what i stupidly call worthless pageants…in a website ran by pinoys who i will ruthlessly bash if only to hide my all consuming envy…that’s why i won’t even name my own country so i can continue in my overwhelmingly pathetic delusions that i am better off than the pinoys…hurrah for demented fuck-deprived bitter ugly me!

  2. Great choices! But rooting for Ms. Paris of Lipa, a genuine advocate of the earth and a true beauty, inside-out. God bless all the candidates! To God be the glory.