Bb. Pilipinas :: The National Costume issue revisited


Majority of the Filipino fans complained about the national costumes used by the Philippines at Miss Universe. One contentious issue is the nationality of the designer. These fans insist that a Filipino should design the national costumes of Filipinas competing at Miss Universe. Since 2012, Bb. Pilipinas had been giving the Best in National Costume Award wherein each candidate wears creations by local designers. However, none of the costumes made it to the Miss Universe pageant. The question now is – had the Filipinas used the winning costume designed by Filipinos could they have fared any better instead of using a Barraza or a Pitoy Moreno? Here’s a quick look at the winning costumes at Bb. Pilipinas versus on what was used at the Miss Universe pageant.


Edwin Uy’s tribal inspired costume versus Pitoy Moreno’s Maranao princess


Modern interpretation of terno by Abbog Ocampo versus stylized terno by Alfredo Barraza



Carey Santiago’s terno complete with parasol versus the controversial terno by Alfredo Barraza


The winning entry this year was designed by Frederick Peralta


  1. The answer is simple: NO

    National Costume is not part of the preliminary competition wherein the Semifinalists are chosen. Had BPCI chose to use a louse designer’s costume, it would have no bearing.

    However, Filiipino fans do insists that their queen should wear a costume designed by a fellow Filipino because it would realistically showcase the PHILIPPINES and its culture to the world.

    Now, with the comparison of NCs above, Pitoy Moreno’s NC is way classier than Edwin Uy’s tribal inspired NC. The modern terno is not a good NC, I’d choose the Barraza over that. MJ’s controversial NC is definitely unsatisfactory, the simple Carey Santiago NC would be better. And finally the winning NC by Frederick Peralta would have not won if it was not done by text votes. The other 4 finalists were better.

  2. Jajajaja….Hopefully send an outfit designed by a Filipino ….. and we will see the results, OR CLASSIFIED AS NATIONAL COSTUME OR WIN, whom he attributed the blame now?