Janicel Lubina should win the Miss Universe Philippines title


by Ric Galvez



The year 2015 is a defining year for the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. The failure of MJ Lastimosa to continue the top 5 unbroken streak of the country at Miss Universe puts the Bb. Pilipinas at the crossroads. Was that a sign of decline or a simply a wake-up call to allow the Philippines to bounce back? Of course, I prefer the latter but to make it real, the Bb. Pilipinas jury should crown Janicel Lubina as the new Miss Universe Philippines.


Why Janicel? Well, Stephen Diaz said it best when he penned the final hot picks for Bb. Pilipinas 2015.


[Janicel Lubina] may defy the academic qualities of the past MUP winners, but she is the “ultimate” representation of what a normal Filipina is…


I couldn’t agree more. With her brown skin and a compelling background story, I believe that there is no one in the current roster of Bb. Pilipinas hopefuls can best represent my nation at Miss Universe than Janicel Lubina.


Growing amidst poverty, where her mother meet ends by toiling as a maid, Janicel trudged through the rice paddies hoping that someday her fortunes will make a turn around. Her life rings that familiar rags-to-riches story that it caught the attention of the news agency Agence France Presse. So, if you are outside of the Philippines, you could have come across that story last week from your favorite newspaper.


One must take note that Miss Universe pageant simply loves a life story with a struggle owing to the psychological diktat it gets from the Hollywood – the bedrock of simple-country-girl turned-glamorous-lady stories. The story of Janicel will simply attract attention even before she lands on wherever the next Miss Universe pageant will be held. Bb. Pilipinas should have learned a lesson or two with what happened to Venus Raj in 2010.



But aside from having a compelling story, Janicel is simply made for the Miss Universe pageant. She has a statuesque form, very leggy actually and a skin tone that has been the plat de jour of Bb. Pilipinas for decades. Well in fact, Bb. Pilipinas has been well known to favor morenas as opposed that the mestizas that both Miss Earth Philippines and Miss World Philippines like to crown. Miss Universe meanwhile has been known to favor tanned skins over pale ones. That is simply good news for Janicel!



Critics however claim that the interviews will be the waterloo for Janicel. Just like Venus, she could be stopped in her stilettos once the judges began asking questions. But I had the same reservations with Janine in 2012 but she did well at Miss Universe. I think that Bb. Pilipinas mastered the art of personality development and public speaking. Besides have you all seen how the final interviews at Miss Universe became a farce lately?


So tonight, someone’s life will be changed forever. Janicel had been through this kind of competition before – she was the first runner-up to Megan Young at Miss World Philippines 2013. Will she triumph at Bb. Pilipinas this time around? Or more importantly, will Bb. Pilipinas choose the candidate that is truly best suited to represent the Philippines?





  1. For me, it seems like the Philippines wasted a really good chance of winning the Miss Universe and Miss International crowns this year. Based on trend, Janicel Lubina has a very good fighting chance at Miss Universe and Pia Wurtzbach, on the other hand, can easily grab that Miss International crown. However, they switched up the two and now it seems tome that our chances at both pageants are lower than if Lubina is Universe and Wurtzbach is International. Mismatch.

  2. Hey dumb people.. Janicel may have the body and looks but she needs to improve his comm. skills. She belongs to Miss International as the answer there is already scripted. She has more chances in getting the crown.. So deal with it that Queen Pia belongs to MU

    • Ow really? Just like your writing skills? haha. Before questioning others’ knowledge, make sure that you are better. It should be “she need to improve HER not HIS communication skills.

  3. For crying out loud madlang people… Can’t you tell she (Janicel Lubina) stumbled on the Q&A portion… She has stage presence however needs personality development… If I were to decide her placement, I would give her Bb. Pilipinas Tourism title or even a runner-up…

      • You are wright ,I like Janicel , But She’s not answers Well, I think She don’t understand the question, She answers not Fitted to her Question, Compared to Pia , Pia During Q/A She’s answers very Well, that’s why? Pia Won and Deserved to be come MU 2015.

  4. Sorry every year i hated the pinoy candidates but this one i suould agree that she is a very gorgeous girl.. She shoul winthe missuniverse title instead no pia coz.pia is too fat for tv