GALLERY :: Femina Miss India 2014 National Costume Photos


Photos courtesy of Femina Miss India


  1. What is a National Costume for India when India is made up of a diversity of regional identities? Perhaps thats why the designers grapple with regions, history and mythology for inspiration here. These clothes are elegantly designed but there is a complete mismatch of body types and the costumes. These clothes are meant for full bodied curvy Indian women which I guess most of India is. Just that these contestants are too skinny to carry the weight and the elegance of the costume….moreover the lacklustre photo shoot adds to the misery of this costumes. look at the pictures 12, 13 and 15…the sari is draped it such an ugly way, simply becoz the model just doesnt fit in to the costume, while some costumes don’t resonate India or its regional costumes. Nevertheless there are those which come out to be quite impressive. Does Indian costume always need to have the colour of flag on it? Designers need to grapple with ideas of cosmology and intangible culture to create meaningful designs which as well suit the body type of the contestants and at the same time touch the deeper meaning what Indian culture means