OPINION :: Noyonita, girl, please stop!


by Adjit

Whatever is it that Noyonita Lodh has been doing at Miss Universe for the first week has been great so far. She was labelled as the Indian version of Ximena Navarette while the Indian community in the US were so happy to see that finally, a mocha-skinned contestant is representing their country of origin.

Noyonita’s beauty is exotic, her body is shapely, she is intelligent and above all, she catches a lot of attention. But the good run of Noyonita came to an abrupt end at the middle of this week. We’ll stop short of labels but the wardrobe she used at the gown portrait was rather inappropriate.


Now, let’s assume for a moment that maybe it will not be her gown at the finals and that she is saving something better for the prelims. But during the Yamamay swimsuit presentation, it was evidently clear what strategy was being fed to the poor Noyonita. Watch the video below and try to connect the dots with the gown pictured above.

Can you see what strategy is being deployed here? This is akin to Catalina Robayo’s “I’m going commando” strategy back in 2011. The danger here is that, sure, you can catch some attention (Catalina was one of the semifinalists) but how far can you go with that? Catalina failed to be in the Top 10.

I’m afraid that the blame should go the coaches and trainers of Noyonita. The strategy, as shameful as it is, is an affront to the image that Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, et.al. has built when they competed at the Miss Universe pageant. The candidates of India are gorgeous yet classy, sexy yet intelligent. This is what Indian beauties are known for. Whatever you may call the strategy of Noyonita at Miss Universe, I am imploring her. Please stop that.


    • Well honey beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…..it depends u take it as cheap or her confidence n funloving side of personality….

        • That’s your opinion, I found her performance in the swimsuit simply stunning and spontaneous. Not a fan of her evening gown, but she is my favorite to win.

        • Mr Karl grow up n feel urself to be living in 2015 n leave behind narrow minded thinking,let women be liberal n independent…..talking bout class i hv millions with me who thinks that she pulled it off as classy as ever and she definitely is respectable cos she is representing her nation of 1.3 billion people to kindly don’t question her respect n class ( just a suggestion)….

  1. Yup finally a dark skin girl represent India. She is the testament of what the NGOs in India have been doing which is getting rid of the beauty streotype (only fair skin is beautiful)
    But she came across for me as trying too hard and sarcastic in her IG posts. Hope she wakes up soon and nail the finale night. Love from Malaysia

  2. With all that stupidity, I bet you she is already out of the game. With luck or just by mistake, they will let her in the first cut, not one inch further !

  3. Have you even seen the gown ! I agree, The picture is not the best angle,but it’s a gown made for the stage. Sparkling ! Sexy ! And the perfect tease. On stage, this is a knockout as it’s the most different from all the gowns that others are wearing. Hope she wears it for the prelims.
    Plus it’s about being confident in your skin and her demure sharp looks and excellent walk adds on to the elegance.

  4. Well i wud like to bring in a thought where the author of this article trying to de-grade a unique talent….we all as pagaent followers n lovers we should pull out ourselves from a stereotypical behaviour n actions of a queen….rather looking forward to a real person who is comfortable, confident and funloving…..i would rather say its a cheap effort of potraying this beauty or an action of de-faming her.
    One of the Miss universe from India said it in her final answer ‘Pageants like the Miss Universe Paeant gives us young women a platform to foray into the fields that we want to and fordge ahead, be it enterpreneurship, be it the politics .be it the armed forces, it gives us rights to voice our choices and opinions and makes us a strong independent’….. Noyonita is a doin her best and she is strong and her action reflects her very independent being….

    • @Shaine…lol really? You think that Ms India’s actions, choice of gown that only covers her private parts with silver dots and that bikini walk shows her being strongly independent and strong in actions? You can justify it all you want but I do agree with this article

      • Mr. Karl. Covering up your private parts or revealing them has no connection whatsoever with independence, strength in actions or morality (I know you or the author of this article didn’t mention this word, but being an Indian, I very well understand what goes on in the mind of men. We can sniff and smell patriarchy and misogyny from a mile away).

        One never sheds one’s dignity with one’s clothes!

    • I agree that the gown looks tacky and does not seem to fit the idea of the world as they would like to see an Indian beauty queen. But a close inspection of the contestants’ wardrobes over the last few years, for India, reveals that being the sophisticated queen doesn’t quite garner the attention of Trump Inc.! Something sexy, sassy and vibrant is being experimented with this year. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Who knows. But atleast it will give an idea to the Miss India team as to what will and won’t work as far as perceptions are considered.

  5. well i totally agree with what shaine has mentioned…and think she’s jst being herself and enjoing herself nd there’s nthing wrong in dat….she is and will remain a favorite

  6. i did not expect this in missosology, such gowns offend you and swimsuits not, she is ahead in the game and having fun, don’t be mean bro.

  7. If MUO is gonna have this woman represent their pageant, that just means Miss Universe is moving forward to a more liberal stance than that of its main rival, Miss World.

  8. Whatever we may call of miss india strategy, we should also look how ms Philippines posed in bikini. SHAME! I applaud miss world when comes to beauty with purpose not beauty and pose like a s–t.

  9. they are trying to make her like a south american contestant. (the video makes that very clear.) BUT any time a Miss India won it was because they were elegent and smart, not sexy.

  10. I don’t think that all Miss India Universes should be of the same mold and act the same way. Noyonita is her own person with her own personality so she will act and behave in her own way. Times have changed since Lara and Sush competed and I love seeing a different kind of Miss India. Let Miss India team and candidates reinvent themselves and experiment a little it doesn’t hurt anybody. Clearly none since Lara have won, so we definitely need to try something different and new.

  11. I love Miss India, she’s an epitome of Indian beauty. But I was taken back by her not-so-classy dance, inappropriate moves during the poolside swimsuit presentation. I have nothing against girls celebrating their individuality and femininity, but Miss India might consider toning down a bit especially her moves. She’s sooo sexy even if she’s not gonna do those moves. Well, this is just me ej*culating my pot*nt thoughts out of my mind. btw, my girlfriend is from India. 🙂