OPINION : Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez should stop acting like a sore loser

“In four minutes they destroy your dreams, they throw it in a bag, and they throw it in the trash. They could have done it another way. … I feel like it doesn’t matter to them the feelings of a girl who has worked her whole life for a dream.” These are the words of Ariadna Gutierrez in her recent televised interview with Univision. It has been weeks since the blunder of Steve Harvey that led to the crowning of the wrong winner. But it seems the Miss Universe 2015 first runner-up is yet to move on. Her words are becoming more like from a sore loser.
Missosology has officially symphatized with the feelings of Ariadna, even urging its readers to put themselves in her shoes. But knowing what really happened and now listening to what the Colombian beauty queen has said, it is increasingly difficult to relate with her predicament. For example, how can she say that her dreams were destroyed when in fact, every relevant people – from the judges, to fellow contestants, to Steve Harvey – confessed that it was Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who truly won? How could she demand Miss Universe to handle the situation in a different way? Is she insinuating that Pia should be robbed of her victory and just go on with the crowning of a wrong winner?
While we need to be sensitive on her hurt feelings, it is important for Ariadna to swallow the truth and reality no matter how hard and bitter it is. She should move on and should understand that she is the first runner-up and NOT the winner. The more she espouses herself as a victim, the more we believe that she truly does not deserve the Miss Universe crown.


  1. EXACTLY WHAT I SAID in my previous posts. Colombia is NOT A SAINT who was crucified on the Miss Universe stage. Had she acted with class by perhaps congratulating Pia backstage, I would have been her biggest fan. But NO, for Ariadna, the Miss U CROWN was her ONLY PLAN so it was LIKE SOME COKE THAT GOT HER ADDICTED AS SOON AS SHE HAD A TASTE OF the crown when it was placed on her head. Dios mío ¿qué está pensando que el mundo gira a su alrededor?

  2. I think MUO should give statemnt about fans vote thingy.. how about people living in continent like European where MU be held in early morning like 3 am or small country with people less than 500k population! also many countries airing MU delayed. how it FAIR for all countries?

    • Fan votes only count as a single vote…There were 4 celebrity judges, the votes of the candidates and the fan votes = 6 total votes. In the end, ALL 4 celebrity judges voted for Philippines so it does not even matter what the fan and other candidates voted

        • You’re assuming that people vote for their country and not for whom they think SHOULD win. Let’s look at the Top 3 finalists. Of the 3, the United States is the most populous (320 million). In fact, the U.S. has twice as many people as the Philippines (100 million) and Colombia (48 million) combined.

          But I agree with you, some countries are at a disadvantage because they have less people and the pageant are shown in the worst time periods. I live in California and Miss Universe was shown on tape delay, so I couldn’t even vote as I didn’t know the outcome.

          But what would you have preferred, that MUO doesn’t even ask regular people to vote? Just those judges that are there? I think it was a very good move on MUO’s part to allow both the world AND the other Miss Universe contestants to have their say in the outcome.

          If this continues, we will see contestants who will be nicer to everyone and not be fake. As it was, the true colors of some of the contestants were shown as soon as the pageant ended. And that is not how real beauty queens should act. #WorldPeace #ConfidentlyBeautifulwithaHeart

  3. If I were in her shoes (Miss Colombia) , I would give the crown to Miss Philippines immediately,since there was totally a major major mistake announcing who the true winner was! So Miss Clombia,YOU WERE NEVER BEEN A WINNER! understood?! Intiendes?! family and friends of Miss Colombia help her realize and if you are truelly and really sympathize with her,tell her the truth and nothing but the truth,that she is just a frist runner-up to Miss Philippines! no ifs,no buts! THE TELEPROPMTER SYAS IT ALL! THE CUE CARDS SHOWED IT ALL! – end –

  4. Really not deserved to be crowned as Miss Universe. The character, attitude, the way she talk shows and comes out from her mouth. Arrogance and good moral cannot get any good result in everything you do, anywhere you go. Stay humble and you’ll be in good hands in a right path all in order.

  5. This article is badly written and aims to fuel the fire of hatred! YOU, Missosology, SHAME ON YOU!

    Here is how this poor article twisted the words to bash Adriadna:

    1. Her dream was crashed. Yes, it was crashed in 4 minutes. Her dream was to be crowned Miss Universe. There is nothing wrong to say that. It was not only Adriadna’s dream but also the dream of all contestants working their whole life to be on the stage! She did not state that her dream was TAKE AWAY THE CROWN FROM PIA!

    2. To handle the situation in a different way. She didn’t mean that the MUO GIVES HER THE CROWN or CROWN SHARING! She meant how awkward the MUO handled the situation ON STAGE! They should announce Pia’s victory after some seconds after the mistake, not after a few MINUTES! They could have taken both girls backstage, explained what happened, gave the 2 girls opportunity to talk to each other and then CROWNED Pia after the commercial break! Millions of better ways to handle the situation, that’s what Afriadna meant!

    This article has the intention to change facts and fuel HATRED. To Pia’s fans: please be aware of this before bashing Adriadna.

    • First and foremost, you don’t have to be a Pia fan to bash Ariadna, you just need to be a fan of common sense and FACTS.

      So here are the facts:

      Ariadna has, in fact, said that she thinks sharing the crown is a viable option.
      Ariadna has, in fact, said that she thinks they should’ve allowed the charade of her crowning and dealt with Pia’s crowning the following day in some news conference.
      Ariadna has, in fact, said that Steve Harvey has not apologized to her.

      Now, common sense tells us that while you said that she never want to take the crown away from Pia, that is, in fact, what she would be doing if what she has advocated (crown sharing and news conference) happened. She would be robbing Pia of that moment and the true reign of a rightful queen. Please note that she NEVER won. NADA. NUNCA. She was a first runner up by every way you look at how the pageant was scored. These are all facts.

      Additionally, Steve Harvey has said that he had tried to contact Ariadna multiple times to apologize but have yet to be successful.

      Also, no words were twisted in the interview. Those were all said by Ariadna. You can even watch it on YouTube and turn on “close captioning”.

      Ariadna’s first comments at the end of pageant night was “Everything happens for a reason.” How did it go from such a humble comment to one of braggadocio? .

      • This is i think a good justification and retaliation o may say on TRUNG DUONGs comment, u dont need to be a miss philippines fan to view the things that miss colombia is acting and flaunting in public, she cant be a sore loser if she just completely move on. And at the end the issue made her even more popular than the other previous runner ups..so yes everything happens for a reason and she should just be thankful..i just hope she knows what “move on” means. On the other hand the manager of miss colombia might influence her to use the issue to get more offers on her career advancement. Who knows.. Showbiz is still showbiz regardless of humiliation when it means money popularity and more projects coming ur way. But then again.. MOVE ON coz this year is for an asian woman to wear the crown not for monotonously boring same faces and accent latina. And im hoping next year, a european or an african would take home the crown.

    • I totally agree with this. They are demonizing a poor girl and truth be told she has the right to be angry despite the opportunities coming her way. However I do believe the best come back is to show you moved on and without a crown. I honestly think my fellow Colombians may not be letting her just sit back. Ariadna is venting perhaps the anger of many Colombians who were celebrating her victory and than being left with questions regarding the authenticity of Miss universe. However runner up is a huge accomplishment and as a proud Colombian I think she did everyone proud. I hope she can now focus on better things instead of her not winning this crown.

      • Adriana has been talking to news about sharing a crown which is already an indication of sour graping.

        again, she is not the winner. Time to move on.

        • Baby you get nothing of telling people to move on because your missing the point of what miss universe means to Colombians. It means something to you and your Pia so why wouldn’t it mean sow thing to Colombians. Also people will continue to feel the way they feel so how can you tell anyone to move on. Did you even read what I wrote and really take it in? Be safe.

          • It is time to move on…The fact is Colombia is the first runner up. The Miss Universe organization, Steve Harvey and Pia all gave their sincere apologies so what more do you want? You talk like Colombians are not bashing Pia, just recently there was an effigy burned with Pias picture and you still think its not time to move on?

          • By the way Steve Harvey never gave a formal apology to Ariadna . I do believe he will on the 18th but still everyone should move on!!! There is poverty in both phillipines and Colombia that needs to be addressed but people are distracted by this .

        • ALSo sharing a crown is a way to make peace with two girls and two nations who love pageants. It is not sour graping and actually those who think it should not be shared could be called selfish. Colombia was humiliated and de has the right to feel the way she feels and she is not bashing the phillipines or Pia. Meanwhile Some of you are bashing her. Who cares how she feels anyway ? The crown went to Pia!!! Why are you defending nothing. Lol

      • The problem is that, no matter how you slice the cake, Ariadna NEVER won. She was announced ERRONEOUSLY as Miss Universe, but she NEVER WON! All 4 judges say they voted for Miss Philippines; the card says Miss Philippines won; the Teleprompter said Miss Philippines won; most of the contestants said Miss Philippines won. Yes, we all know how important the crown is for the Philippines and for Colombia, but this wasn’t a tabulation error of the scoring. It was a mistake made by a novice host of a the pageant.

        What this original article is merely stating is that, at first, we all feel Ariadna’s pain. I certainly did. From the moment she said while crying that “Everything happens for a reason.” we totally understand how hurt and awful this feeling must have been.

        But then, she kept talking and talking and talking. And each time she opens her mouth, what comes out are words not fit for a true lady and a gracious non-winner. You only have to watch Perez Hilton’s take on the evening and, all of a sudden, she is starting to personify the diva bitch that Perez Hilton called her out to be.

        As far as sharing the crown is concerned, why? So some cry-baby who can’t accept defeat can feel good about herself? She was NEVER a winner. NEVER! She was 1st Runner-Up. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. And with the way she’s been acting towards MUO, why would they even give her the time of day? She has now become a thorn in their side.

    • Too bad the show is ONLY A 1 HOUR EVENT. This is not some United Nations gaffe that you need some backdoor diplomatic dialogue. Steve Harvey was on a severe time constraint to correct his mistake. So there, forget how “to handle the situation in a different way”. There is NO OTHER way to handle this. Steve Harvey was forthright and apologetic. That was enough. Filipinos were not too happy. Their celebration was aborted. So were Colombia fans.

      My only disappointment is Ariadna’s post pageant interviews shows that she hasn’t moved on. She hasn’t embraced her role as first runner u yet. I don’t think she ever will.

  6. Miss Colombia is proving why she isnt worth the crown. Stop Miss Colombia…be a sport….what is this always cribbing and crying. Respect the decision and the humility of the host and laugh it off….

  7. she is already a winner, if you search the entire intervew, you will see. she is obvisly beautifull more than pia… everybody nows that… she doesnt need to win, she is know more important that the miss universe, the ask is who is the winner?

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  9. Really bad losers are those who are blind and defend the absurd … It was a beauty contest, and the winner was Ariadne COLOMBIA …. It was fraud and that was proven ….. and now the discussion is third place or Australia or Fracia height ….. Miss Colombia decides to turn the page and we all celebrate their global success …. unfortunately overshadowing a discredited competition, which many make it look like the best ….. she is beautiful born beautiful is not done …… …..

    • Face it HERFER, your bet wasn’t good enough for the crown. All judges came forward & unanimously voted for Philippines’ Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as Miss Universe 2015. Stop living on denial! It’s 2016 already, move on turd! Ariadna to share the crown & title would even be more embarrassing for her & her country Colombia with everyone knowing she never won it in the first place.

    • really you’re just a looser and she is living a dream…keyword “dream” so Colombians and Adriadna can just keep dreaming on…after all it doesn’t a thing to dream. Come February now and so what is Adriadna endorsing these days since she is not the true Miss Universe winner ?

  10. While the poverty rate in Colombia is 28.5% of the population below the poverty
    line and in the Philippines it is (25.8%)of the population everyone is here talking about why Miss Colombia is wrong over and over and over again or why Miss Philippines deserved to win or should not have won. All this energy right here could resolve so many of the worlds problems. It begins with you!!!! But instead people run in circles a month after the event happened.