A photo of two meanings


Among the Miss Universe contestants that are gaining a lot of attention these days, Miss Universe Indonesia Elvira Devinamira is probably the most visible. Her latest appearance was alongside the reigning Miss Universe Ma. Gabriela Isler and Miss USA Erin Brady at an Operation Smile gala in New York. Elvira, looking elegant and beautiful, was clearly a stunner. She just shined alongside with the stars. She was never eclipsed by anyone else.


A form of blasphemy

But with this newfound stardom came some mudslinging. A photo of Elvira, a practicing Muslim, surfaced online showing her in a garb of a nun holding a rosary. The photo came as shocking to some as this is somehow a form of blasphemy. Elvira is posing as if she is going to gobble up the rosary. Some even suggested that if the item is from other religions, a much different uproar might happen.


Many beauty queens were dethroned because of their provocative photos and even with those that were taken way before their reign. One example is Miss France 2008 Valérie Bègue who scandalized the French public for her photos in a bikini atop a floating cross. Luckily for Elvira, Indonesia is not a Christian majority nation.


Character assassination

For the supporters of Elvira however, this is a form of character assassination. Many rival countries see the rise of Indonesia as a threat to their own chances. Already, Elvira is making waves and the only way to stymie her ascent is to throw anything at her. This is akin to the character assassination that was directed to Miss World 2013 Megan Young. At the moment when it is clear that Megan had a good chance to win, her sexy photo surfaced and some detractors began asking if Miss World would really crown a woman who had posed topless in a photo shoot.


It looks though that Elvira will simply rise from the “storm”. Like Megan Young, Elvira will simply rise into prominence and could even win that coveted Miss Universe crown. With all the detractors surrounding her, there is only one explanation for all of these brouhaha – the Miss Universe crown is now simply within the grasp of Indonesia.






  1. For me theirs nothing wrong using religious things from us catholic as long as nasa tamang pag gamit. We filipinos we respect muslims infact sometimes we use their traditional dress to promote the rich culture of our brothers and sisters, without offending their culture and religion.

  2. This site/page is really in favor for Miss Indonesia. Are those people in this site hired as Public Relations Officer to improve the publicity of Miss Indonesia? Included in the article, “Miss Universe crown is within the grasp of Indonesia”. How do they even know? They should’ve said that “Miss Indonesia MIGHT get the crown or something like that”.
    I’m not against Miss Indonesia though and Im looking forward to visit the country some time.

    To this site, please write an article in a better and more ‘balance’ way. Thanks!

    • jealous are we? just because there was no constant mention of filipin and other countries are getting the limelight and all of the sudden this site is biased?

  3. Elvira should not be compared to megan. Megans photos did not offend any religion or culture. Elvira’s photos clearly is a blasphemy and an insult to the Catholic religion. Megan’s topless photos came out even before she joined Miss World Philippines. Megan was chased with controversy while Elvira is making the controversy by herself. Megan was worthy of all the attention while Elvira is seeking the attention.

    The article was clearly made to hype Elvira. I really though that this article will explain Elvira’s presence in the USA with Molly and Erin.

  4. FOR MY opinion I don’t think that Indonesia will win the title of miss universe 2014 this year but there is also a big chance for Indonesia to place as a top 16 or top 10 but I don’t think the country will grabbed the title this year because there are really competitive ladies who are also getting prepared for this years Miss Universe such as Venezuela and Philippines. I think Miss Universe 2014 will be a really though competition between each candidates because I can already feel the pressure. GOOD LUCK! from Philippines

  5. Oh well guys, dont get it wrong, im not a moeslem my self and i am an indonesian. I think she just wanted to show the world that we as “majority moeslem” country. We live peacefully over here even tho yes theres some prob between the religions but she has no intention to make attention right here. This site has nothing to do with miss indonesia. What they said, typed, and announced trully from this site and i dont think puteri indonesia wants to pat for it for the news. AND I DONT THiNK INDONESIA Really wants to win MU, we just want to promote our country not really the crown (thats just a bonus). Reading some comment from our filo friends just made be believe that they really have “The crab mentality” like what my filo classmates told me.
    Dont worry guys lastimosa will definitely win the crown.

  6. Tolerance please. If all of people in the world being tolerance to all of religion, of course the world can be peace. Do not blame Elvira. He was totally innocent. Which one false is the photographer who thinks it is an art. It’s not an art !!!