Pascale Bélony has been designated to represent Haiti at the 12th edition of the Miss Supranational competition.

The 27-year-old advocate for women’s and holistic health was born and raised in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. She completed her studies at the University of Florida where she earned bachelor degrees in Health Education and Nursing.

“I will use my voice to echo our heritage to the world. May it paint a different narrative – one that proudly displays our culture, our people, our warmth and hospitality. May my voice bring to light the challenges we have yet to overcome all the while reminding us of our true identity,” Bélony posted on Instagram shortly after the announcement.

“May my voice speak with grace, kindness, and humility as I hope to encourage each and everyone of you.”

Haiti has yet to win the Miss Supranational crown. It currently ranks 99th in Missosology Big 5 Ranking. Missosology.Org; Photo from Miss Supranational Haiti