Miss Grand International 2014 Pre Arrival Hot Picks





The 2nd edition of Miss Grand International 2014 will take place on October 7th in Bangkok’s 15,000 seater INDOOR STADIUM HUAMARK.


More than 90 beauties will converge in Bangkok to succeed Puerto Rico’s Janelee Markus Chaparro. The candidates will start arriving in Bangkok on September 16 and will have the Press Presentation on September 18 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.


The candidates will visit different cities in Thailand such as Sukothai, the first capital city of Thailand and the Province of Sampran.


Missosology picked 15 candidates who already made a good impression even before the start of the actual pageant. Miss Grand Mexico Marsha Ramirez topped the Pre-Arrival choices while the delegates from Ecuador and South Sudan are not far behind.


Follow the official thread for Miss Grand International 2014 and see all contestant’s journey towards the Miss Grand International crown. http://www.missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=293&t=503718&p=4997281#p4997281



  1. Mexico! Ha, ha, ha! Please, let me laugh! I am sure you had seen Mexico’s candidate by now. Not a chance. However Thailand & Puerto Rico are very strong candidates. It will be a huge task for Miss PR to win this since last year’s winner was Miss PR. Saying that, anything is possible. Look at that ridiculous Miss Universe (one of the worst ever) back to back where Miss Venezuela won 2 years consecutive. If Miss Thailand or Miss Philippines does not win, then I hope Miss Puerto Rico does, again. All three beautiful girls!