PRESS RELEASE :: Μissosology and GOULDIAN LOOK Team to support Star Thessaly Pageant in Greece


Μissosology and GOULDIAN LOOK Team to support Star Thessaly Pageant in Greece

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Thessaly, GREECE – The Star Thessaly Beauty Contest, Missosology and GOULDIAN LOOK, announced their collaboration recently. Missosology, the number 1 beauty pageant forum in the world and was founded in 1999 is regarded as the most prestigious forum in the world. Beauty contests from around the world considered Missosology as the most-authoritative and leading pageant-related website and community forum today. Millions of beauty pageant enthusiasts from different parts of the globe flock the sites for instant updates and fun interaction. Missosology.Info (forum) is generating 95 million page views/impressions per month from over 3.7 unique visitors from over 200 countries. Missosology.Org (website) is generating 40 million page views per month from over 800,000 unique visitors from over 200 countries. With a quest to analyze beauty pageants, the site had interviewed countless delegates, dispatched correspondents to various locations and utilized the power of worldwide beauty pageant experts, creative writers and lay-out artists. Missosology has carried on for 15 years as of 2014 – thanks largely to its loyal legion. It is the top source for pageant related news which also provides eye-opening reviews, much-anticipated predictions & interesting facts. No wonder the website & forum has been constantly featured & quoted by countless international TV news, magazines and newspapers from around the world. On the other hand, Philippine based GOULDIAN LOOK is the team behind the training of several candidates for global and national competitions, recently undertook successful training of Miss Globe Myanmar 2014. The Team will also be responsible for the training of candidates from Panama, Myanmar and Thailand. The GOULDIAN LOOK team will undertake the training of this year’s Star Thessaly, Miss Thessaly and Miss Young Thessaly winners that will represent us in abroad.