When Chalita arrived in Moscow, she was the darling of the crowd. For days, it is her photos that circulated in the Russian news media. It is her sweet beauty that prevailed all through out.


But in the recent events, Chalita was not included. She was not at the Tony Ward Fashion show although she was mentioned in the Facebook Page of Tony Ward. She was not also included in Yamamay Fashion Show.


What is going on? It is difficult to deny that Chalita is one of the beautiful faces at Miss Universe. Her recent swimsuit photo also shows her shapely body. In her Fadil shots, she was absolutely adorable.


But as we know, politics is present at Miss Universe. Is politics ruining Chalita’s chances? For example, the candidate from Poland and Ukraine are getting a lot of attention. Analysts say that the reason is that because these two countries are politically close to Russia.


The fight is not over. The most important of all are the preliminary contest. Chalita will bring her best during the gown and swimsuit. She will show to the world her sweet and natural beauty. Also at the National Costume competition, her beautifully designed costume will also catch a lot of attention.