Among the Big5 pageants, Miss World is not only the oldest but by far the one with an enormous reach. This week, the organization announced that Rwanda will be debuting and that Cook Islands, Bangladesh, St. Lucia and Madagascar are all making a comeback. This will make Miss World the largest among the major beauty pageants and it shows the pageant’s commitment to bring its brand and Beauty with a Purpose credo to all over the world.

Miss World is pretty much in a superior position because of their more global outlook. The other major pageants have limited contestants because either they intentionally do that due to financial concerns (the more contestants, the more expenses) or because of lack of interest of other countries to join these pageants (relatively weaker brand name tops the list as to why).

Beauty pageants should indeed be global and should reach out to all countries. Miss World is poised to attract more interest from traditionally non-pageant countries because it has already ditched the swimsuit contest. This is probably why socially conservative Bangladesh is making a comeback.

Above all else, the charity projects of Miss World is creating quite a buzz and helping out those who are in need should transcend boundaries and political limits. While critics may snivel that Miss World is way too overcrowded or that the pageant is just giving false hope to minor and smaller nations, the Beauty with a Purpose projects will simply cast aside any of these invectives. The desire of Miss World to help those in need by raising both awareness and funds will eventually win over those who doubt that the pageant has bourgeoned beyond its plausible objectives.