OPINION :: Miss Grand International should address so many issues


With spectacular finals night and dazzling choreography, the Miss Grand International pageant is indeed poised to become one of the major pageants in the world.  There is also without doubt that the second edition is a total improvement of the premier edition. The fast paced program is exciting, an amazing stage and girls wearing business suit during speeches are highly commendable.

But its relative youth and general lack of interest among the international press are one of the issues that haunt any pageant that is in its infancy. This is not to say that the public is not interested. Missosology received substantial spike of visitors when the live coverage of the finals night was conducted. This means there is genuine interest in the pageant worldwide. Miss Grand International has a future. Its glorious days ahead are yet to come.


For the pageant to shine and be recognized worldwide, it must however address some issues. One of those issues is the obvious imitation of various segments of the past Miss Universe pageants. In its inception, a lot of questions were clearly copied from past Miss Universe questions. Miss Grand International must come up with original and unique segments for its finals night. The second edition looks like it’s a smorgasbord of all the Big4 Pageants.


Miss Grand International must also overhaul its website which is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. A major beauty pageant should have a decent and credible website.


The issue regarding its advocacy must also be dealt with head-on. The pageant is laughingstock in the pageantry world for its Stop the War advocacy that is too tall an order. Any advocacy should be realistic and not pageant patty. The tag line “World Peace” has already been associated with what is wrong in the world of pageantry.


The pageant should also address the issue of carpet bagging most especially the one surrounding its current winner. Sure, carpetbagging is a serious issue in the Big4 Pageants but none can compare to the lack of serious affinity of Miss Grand International 2014 Daryanne Lees to the country that she supposed to represent.


The fact that Daryanne father is Cuban and that she hasn’t set afoot in Cuba at all is a serious issue of carpet bagging that could set a dangerous precedent in the world of pageantry. It is crucial that the wearer of the sash have at least lived in the country that she is representing.


When all of these issues are addressed, Miss Grand International will surely be a serious contender to be hailed as one of the world’s best.




  1. Miss Grand International is puertorican. Her father is cuban and her mother is puertorican and she was born in PR. She also competed in Miss Puerto Rico 2008 contest, when Ingrid was crowned Miss PR 2008. She does not represent Cuban at all. She is boricua. But she has the opportunity to represent her father country and to become a Queen at 27 yrs old. This was a back to back for PR. It is too sad see a candidate representing a foreign country. How can she feel so proud of such fiasco.

    • how did she get the title of Miss Cuba?

      this seems like the time there was a Miss Afghanistan who was actually an american model.

    • askthe filipinos..they are good at representing other countries…she can be an american or canadian citizen but with the power of the pinoy immigration, she is suddenly a pinoy!

      • Hon, you got it all wrong. Only children whose mother OR father IS Filipino can be considered a Filipino citizen, unless a foreigner decides to be naturalized. Under the Philippine constitution, you are automatically considered a Filipino if one of your parents is a citizen of the Philippines — so I’m not sure what you’re harping about that immigration thing, because a Puerto Rican who immigrated in the Philippines is still Puerto Rican unless she gets naturalized. Seriously, you people should read before you start posting nonsense.

        PS: If you’re wondering about Megan Young, she has dual citizenship, and NO, we don’t send anyone UNLESS she is a FIlipino citizen who must have resided in the country for at least 6 months.

  2. MGI is a pageant for clappers and not so known country in pageantry, they are just trying hard beauty pageants that copy the big4 concept and advocacy to gain popularity and promute the tourism of thailand, but sorry never it will happen that miss earth will be replace by MGI in big big four pageants, miss earth have clear advocacy and platform compare to “stop the war of miss grand” which is so impossible, ambetious and hypocrite to heard because miss grand international winner is jobless and bussy doing fashion shows instead of helping those people in war.:).

    Miss Grand is nothing. We know that Indonesia placed in top 10 because MGI will be held in Indonesia next year! What a cooking show! Benezuela, Puerto Rico, and other delegates deserve to be in the top 10 than UGLY Mis Indonesia ..

    stop the war???? Seriously????

  3. Even Osmel Sousa the world’s famous pageant discoverer NEVER Recognize Miss Grand a major pageant coz its only a MINOR , CHEAP,COPYCAT , PROMOTING TOURISM IN THAILAND, COPYCAT ACTIVITIES OF ME ..lol..overall mgi is a thrash

  4. “For any organisation to arrogate upon itself the right to anoint MGI as one of the top beauty contests must be living in fantasy. The 2-year old beauty contest has not proven anything yet. It made grand claims to advocacies like “stop the war” and “betterment of humanity”, and all those gobbledygooks, but has not made any initiative towards those fanciful claims. The inaugural winner, as well as this year’s winner, do not possess any credentials coming anywhere close to those advocacies. They are simply great faces and great bodies– not the essential attributes in the quest to stop the war and to achieve the utopian betterment for humanity. The top beauty contests like Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and Miss International must be insulted. All of them have noble advocacies, and if one is still in search of a clear advocacy, at least it does not make motherhood statements about stopping war and making humanity better. If the owner of MGI is a sensible man, as I perceive he is, he should be insulted at that award, knowing that he has done nothing yet to prove his organisation’s worth.” –scorg