Year after year, Malaysia gets frustrated as its contestants continues to be a clapper at Miss Universe. It was like a routine. Hope will set the bar high, then reality sets in and Malaysia still continues to languish at the beauty pageant backwater.


For Malaysia to be successful in the pageantry world, it must emulate Indonesia. Indonesia was represented by Muslim women at Miss Universe in numerous times while in Malaysia there are still laws that ban Muslim women from participating in beauty pageants with swimsuit segment.



Stunning Miss Universe Malaysia Sabrina Beneett

Malaysia’s religious setting is restricting it capability to choose the best woman to represent it at Miss Universe. The title of Miss Universe Malaysia is simply being passed between ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indians which constitutes the minority of the general population. (This year’s candidate to Miss Universe, Sabrina Beneett is an ethnic Indian beauty).This means that the vast majority of Malaysian women are barred from participating in the pageant.


In an era where other Muslim nations like Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and yes, Indonesia are openly embracing beauty pageants, Malaysia continues to cling with the yesteryears. Indonesia is making great strides at the Big4 ranking, Tunisia is the highest placing Muslim nation at Miss International, while Turkey boasts a Miss World winner. Malaysia on the other hand keeps on complaining year after year. If their attitude towards pageantry remains the same, it is of no question that they will remain as perennial clappers.


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