OPINION :: Lupita’s miscalculation




by For_The_Love_Of_Miss_Universe

Lupita Jones has this classy aura. The way she held her head high during Ximena’s final walk in 2011 and even the way she yawned during the preliminaries of the Miss Universe 2008 has something classy about it. I would like to think that her classy attitude is drawn from her innate pride of being Mexico’s first ever Miss Universe.

There is no surprise then, when Lupita decided to withdraw Mexico from Miss Universe after the pageant’s patriarch, the ever ridiculous and the ever loud-mouthed Donald Trump, decided to disparage the Mexican immigrants by calling them drug couriers and rapists. Like the rest of any civilized and flag-waving Mexican, Lupita thinks that Trump is a racist white supremacist that must be avoided at all costs even to the point of boycotting Mexico’s most loved international beauty pageant.

Initially, Lupita appeared to be classy when she dropped the bomb to the press. Like the way she hold her head high or even the way she yawns she projected a fierce yet classy beauty who will not let any insult against her country go unpunished. By announcing that the Nuestra Belleza de Mexico will boycott the Miss Universe pageant, Lupita was hailed as a defender of Mexico’s pride.

The reality however has a different context. Lupita joined the chorus of nationalistic Mexicans in defending their homeland against the verbal attacks of Trump. But it did more harm. Suddenly the Mexican newspapers and TV channels are teeming with photos of Lupita and Trump piñatas. Real issues in Mexico that require urgent media attention including the teachers’ strike, cartel drug wars and the student desaparecidos were put into the sidelines. Everybody likes to talk about the comments of Trump which in no way has no bearing at all to the pressing issues that Mexico faces.

It is a miscalculation for Lupita. Mexico is far more successful in Miss Universe than in any other Big4 pageant. Her recent moves to woo Miss World will just amplify her mistakes. Facts show that Miss World is far more discriminatory against Mexico than any of the Big4 pageants. Both in 2005 and 2009, years when Mexico became first runner-up, Miss World showed its anti-Latina proclivity by denying Dafne Luna and the ever beautiful Perla Beltran the crown in favor of European beauties. The Lupita Jones that once berated a pageant for not choosing the most beautiful girl and was forced to shell out money for an extra pageant is now suddenly in bed with it. If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what it is.

Sure, Lupita is angry at Donald Trump. She is right for being that angry. But to deny her top-class girl Wendolly Espinoza the chance to win Mexico’s third Miss Universe crown is another big miscalculation. Donald Trump no longer showed up at Miss USA 2015 finals night and is reportedly planning to sell his stake at both Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. If Trump no longer owns Miss Universe, what would Lupita do since she already vowed to boycott the pageant? Well, we know what will hypocrites do, right?



  1. Lupita has a lot of class and actually, some other Latino countries followed. With or without crown, I admire their courage. Goliath seems to be losing with even sponsors and co-owners cutting ties with him. Leave Lupita alone. She is definitely doing the right thing. This world does not have a place for bigots!

  2. She did the right thing. Human dignity is much more valuable then a Miss Universe crown. And Wendy was on yhe same page with her. They did not make this decision behind her back. I applaud both of them.

  3. Lupita did the right thing.
    But it is true, that Miss World pageant is very prejudice against Latinas.
    Hopefully, if someone buys Donald”s shares of stock, then Lupita will back off her boycott.

    • Latinos discriminate MW as well. Most countries in Latin America send the main Queens to MU and send second best to MW. The discrimination starts with them at the national level that is why Julia Morley had to start demanding separate events for MW.

  4. No miscalculations, when Donald Trump attack Mexicans verbally, he did with all Latinamericans becasue for American people everybody who speaks Spanish is Mexican, including from Spain. I think Mexico will shine at Miss World and Miss International. this is a chance for Lupita Jones and Miss Earth Organization to start a relationship because so far there is none, Mexican girls competing at Miss Earth sadly comes out from little and unimportant pagents in Mexico,

  5. I’m impressed by Lupita Jones standing up against the bully Joker my BF Donald Dump Trump. I’m hoping he becomes the next president so I can give him a blowjob under the desk the way Monica did it to my other crush Bill. Darn, the Donald has been neglecting me since he run for president. Waaah waaah waaaah!

  6. lupta did the right thing, and to whoever wrote this article, there are million things more important than just winning a miss universe crown!

  7. Whoever wrote this article must lack self esteem, is really superficial and has no clue has to the limits of Lupita’s powers. There are bigger forces at play. Televisa calls the shots not Lupita.

    She has alright to drop MU and strengthen ties with MW. FYI Mexico is not the only country to not win MW crown. You also pointed out that MW is discriminatory towards Latinos yet you have not pointed out that Latinos discriminate MW. They also send 2nd best to MW yet expect to be but on a pedestal like they are at MU where they invest most their time and effort.

    If you are so bothered by Mexico’s boycott why don’t you take up the franchise. You seem more concerned about Mexico’s participation than Mexicans are.