It is oft said that Miss World is where you can see whacky gowns at the World Designer contest and then the sweet gowns at finals night. Here, we zoom in on El Salvador and try to check out what is the country’s strategy in winning the judges’ approval through the gowns of its contestants recently.


Miss World 2009 – Elena Tedesco – There is a serious attempt to make this an elegant piece judging from the large necklace. Elena also used a fresh look here , so its basically a fresh-cum-elegant approach. One complaint here is that the pleats at the bodice is messy. Mixed emotions are on the multicolored ribbon on the left hip. Otherwise, its a curvaceous shiny azure colored gown with a great plunging neckline.


Miss World 2011 –   Karen Marcela Castro Quintanilla – This gown is a mess and at best tacky for the colors are bland and the styling is simply cheap. The floral appliqué is simply ill advised and the patches of colors including the skirt pleats made the whole creating like a drab curtain.


Miss World 2012 –   Maria Luisa Vicuña – this gown should be commended for its daring approach. The lacy red gown with black cockerel style feathers was basically a stand-out. Too bad, the real winner of World Designer Dress in this particular year was never announced officially.


Miss World 2013 – Paola Ayala – this red gown is basically a pageant safe gown complete with figure hugging design with floral appliqué all over the lacy bodice. You can say that this is a toned down version of last year’s adventurous gown.