Can I say something crazy? Ecuador’s Miss Universe life has been a series of doors in its face. And suddenly I bumped into Constanza!


Ecuador has been searching its own place at Miss Universe. And maybe it’s the Dia de la Bandera or Rafael Correa that was talking but with Constanza, Ecuador found its place.


And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before but Constanza is opening doors. Say goodbye Ecuador to the pain of your past. You don’t have to feel it any more for Constanza is opening doors. The year 2014 can be so much more.


Can I say something even crazier? Silvia Alejandra Argudo could be so much more. The new Miss Universe Ecuador can benefit a lot from Constanza’s 2nd runner-up finish at Miss Universe 2013. Constanza has been opening doors and Silvia may as well just walk through it. Ecuador’s chances at Miss Universe have never been this bright.