The recent allegations against Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez saying that she lied about her residency status in Nevada is pure B.S. The practice of switching states has been prevalent at Miss USA as demonstrated by Alyssa Campanella who had been state hopping before she was crowned Miss USA. Everyone in the United States can switch states whenever they want. If you want to retire, head for Florida. If you want a bit culture head for New York. If you prefer sunshine and glamor, head for California. Have taste for frigid conditions? Head for North Dakota or better yet Alaska. Otherwise, better go to Hawaii.


So to say that Nia lied about her Nevada residency or at least maneuvered in order to participate in the “less challenging” Miss Nevada USA contest, does not warrant any attention from missosologists and the general public even if these allegations are true.  Nobody really complained when Natascha Börger switched from being Venezuelan to being German in 2002 despite that everyone knows the Miss Universe Germany contest is way less competitive than Miss Venezuela contest. In the case of Natascha, she actually crossed national political borders. Nia on the other hand could soon reside in Las Vegas and still work in Los Angeles. The whole truth is that Nia actually surpassed the minimum six months residency requirement.


The whole she-lied-her-residency thing is amazing. Amazing in the sense that something that is much ado about nothing can be exaggerated and can command the attention of the national press. Okay fine, Nia forgot the capital city of Nevada, big deal. We all knew though that many state capitals are obscure towns detached from the states’ main and biggest city. Yes, we are looking at you Salem, Albany, Raleigh, Juneau, Olympia, Tallahassee and many more. Besides, Nia was asked in a gotcha moment. Anyone can be stunned by such off topic question.


Now that Nia is Miss USA 2014, the fact whether she is a Nevadan or not is immaterial. Detractors are simply trying to stir an empty pot. There is no scandal in all of these. It’s not even news-worthy. Nia Sanchez is Miss USA 2014. Now let’s move on.