Written by R. Galvez [@the4ofustraveling]

Jerry Springer is a well-known American television personality known for hosting a show named after him where comedy and tragedy were awkwardly rolled into one. Guests would tell their stories ranging from sad to outrageous and oftentimes, bizarre. But whatever story it may be, it usually ends up with comedic physical altercation. Then, Jerry’s special security team would abort the whole ruckus while the live audience goes into maniacal frenzy. 

Born in London, Jerry Springer was best remembered for his funny antics when he hosted Miss World at the turn of century. Some of his slapstick jokes includes asking Miss Russia if she knows what a garage key is (a joke that refers to numerous Russian surnames that ends with -sky) and asking Miss Turkey on what people cook during Thanksgiving dinner. His witticisms – which could be cringe-worthy nowadays – elicited chuckles from the audience but it baffled the contestant that he was interviewing. 

His best moment though is when he decided to explain and simplify the question of Miss Uruguay Katja Thomsen Grien during the Top 5 Q&A round of Miss World 2000. Each of the Top 5 picked a question submitted by fellow finalists and Katja got the one from the eventual winner, Priyanka Chopra of India. The question was: If ignorance is bliss, then why do people seek knowledge?

After his gig at Miss World 2000 and Miss World 2001, Jerry later appeared at Miss Universe 2008 which was held in Vietnam. He co-presented the pageant together with Mel B of the Spice Girls fame. A rather different Jerry showed up. Subdued and bereft of any uncomfortable jokes, he was seen as relaxed and casual yet dignified. 

Though Jerry Springer’s beauty pageant credentials may not be as illustrious as Bob Barker or as controversial as Bob Hope, he left an indelible impression among pageant enthusiasts. He injected life when things got monotonous and exuded gravitas when everyone thought he will pull some of his usual antics. In a world full of boring and forgettable hosts, Jerry Springer stood out like a rare gem.