Nathalia Lago of Brazil is Miss United Continents 2015





Guayaquil –  Brazil’s Nathalia Lago (24) who hails from Marajo emerged victorious at the 3rd Miss United Continents pageant, boosting the South American country’s powerhouse status in the Ecuador-based pageant.   Originally started as a regional competition for countries in continental America, the annual pageant has now expanded to six continents all over the world.   This is Brazil’s first win since Camila de Lima won the Miss Continente Americano 2012 crown, which a year later was changed into Miss Continentes Unidos (United Continents), opening their doors to countries outside the American continent.

Japan’s Anri Okane made it into the Top 10

The Virreina is Colombia’s Daniela Andrea Castañeda Pardo, who was also adjudged as Miss Ottie, one of the main sponsors of the pageant.  1st Runner-up is Paraguay’s Myriam Carolina Arévalos Villalba, who is one of the tallest girls at this year’s pageant.  The 2nd Runner-up position went to the hometown girl, Ecuador’s very own María Elisa Padilla Cardoso.  3rd Runner-up was the early favorite and also a crowd favorite, Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, who was adjudged Best in National Costume and Miss Photogenic.  4th Runner-up was Dominican Republic’s Kimberly Castillo.  Completing the Top 10 were Argentina’s Giuliana Chiappa, Japan’s Anri Okane, the Philippines’ Anabel Christine Tia and Venezuela’s Nitya Nandy Ardila Prieto.

28 delegates from six continents went to compete for the crown, which was previously held by Dominican Republic’s Geisha Montes.  Winning the Miss Friendship award was Ellenor Jones of Australia.



  1. Colombia is gonna have another great year in pageants and will finish as the most successful country for second year in a row. Let’s wait for the results in MU, MW, MI and ME. In all of these pageants, Colombia will send amazing girls and all of them with an unique beauty!!

  2. Sadly, the evident over-nationalistic approach in this website means that they continue to lose any credibility they may have had once. Missosology (which maybe should better be called, Pinoysology!) embarks on hyping campaigns to build up their candidates in detriment of an objective analysis, preventing them to appreciate the beauty of other delegates and to recognise that, sometimes, their own delegate is not the strongest at a particular pageant. When this happens, they will find ANY excuse to justify the so-called ‘injustice’ of not having won: the designer is foreigner, the judges are ridged, the stage was too big, the sun was too shiny, the list goes on and on and on…
    Food for thought: maybe trying to push your delegates down everyone else’s throat doesn’t work and on the contrary, creates a anti-pinoy sentiment around the world? Maybe, just maybe, for once, let your delegate shine on her own merits, without crying ‘racism’ or ‘bashing’ or ‘haters gonna hate’ when truly objective analysts don’t count her on their predictions?

    • @Nathan…over nationalistic fans are evident worldwide and not just from the Philippines. This website aims to showcase candidates from all over the world and since it has more Filipino base fans, naturally it would cater to us more. Its not hyping. Other pageant fans from all over the world cries foul too when their candidates don’t win so why are you only targeting the Filipinos?

      Here’s the food for thought for you…If you think this site has lost its credibility and only tries to push Filipino candidates down everybody’s throat, then why come to this site at all? Just asking because you are coming across as a hater even though the Philippines was only mentioned here as part of the top 10