In light of recent interview (see video below), Miss Universe Paraguay Myriam Arevalos contacted Missosology to clarify her stand with regards to the results of Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

I want to clarify that I never expressed it like it is portrayed that neither Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach or Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez did not deserve of their placement. It is wrong to say that I said that both are not deserving. I did not say anything like that.

I just gave my opinion that in that particular moment I could not answer which one of the two truly deserved to win because I was still surprised by the results. The truth is that at the time I did not feel that one truly shined, because while Ariadna is very beautiful and with excellent runway skills, she did not give the best answer. Pia meanwhile had the best answer with also a very good catwalk but I felt that she is very introverted and not really that sociable to other candidates. These were just my perception and opinion.


I will never speak ill of any of the two. I defended Ariadna whenever they ask me if it was true that she had a bad temper because for me she is a great person. Meanwhile, I would like to congratulate Pia for her humility and for the joy that she gave her country after so many years of perseverance and preparation. I’m not going to say that any of the 78 other girls should have won instead because no one can impress or satisfy the taste of everybody from around the world. I just want to clarify and that people should refrain from distorting my words. Both Colombians and Filipinos should be happy for their queens and enjoy their achievements because they demonstrate the quality of people of their respective countries. Countries which, by the way, I would love to visit.

With much love, Myriam Arevalos, Miss Universe Paraguay


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