Miss Universe Thailand 2014 Complete Result

Left to Right: 1st Runner-up, Miss Universe Thailand 2014 and 2nd Runner-up


MISS UNIVERSE THAILAND 2014–  Weluree Ditsayabut, (Kanchanaburi)
1st Runner-Up – Pimbongkod Chankaew, (Bangkok)
2nd Runner-Up – Sunannipar Kritsanasuwan, (Bangkok)

– Ployputchara Sridara, (Ratchaburi)
– Supatsara Vallsawad, (Roi Et)
– Warunchana Radomlek, (Pathum Thani)
– Natvaran Pongboon, (Nakhon Ratchasima)
– Rinlapat Veerachaivong, (Bangkok)
– Chanaporn Jaroensuk, (Nakhon Ratchasima)
– Woraluck Jaija, (Chiang Mai)

Miss Photogenic – Chanaporn Jaroensuk, (Nakhon Ratchasima)
Miss Popular – Supapada Phureepong, (Photsanulok)
Miss Smile – Ployputchara Sridara, (Ratchaburi)
Miss Colorful Life – Pimbongkod Chankaew, (Bangkok)
Creative Thai Costume – Kanokphan Apichaianant, (Chaiyaphum)

Weluree will represent Thailand at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant this autumn.  Her 1st Runner-Up is expected to represent the kingdom at the Miss International 2014 pageant in Tokyo on November 11.


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  1. Wow she’s cute. I’d pay like 5000 baht for short time with her. What’s with all the hate in previous comments? Red shirt supporters or something? She’s much prettier than the runner up.

    • To further ruin your queen by editing her photos very badly is plain tasteless. She has a beautiful face. Her quite chubby body can be worked out so no worries. She can be fierce come competition days.

  2. This year is DISASTER of Thailand Beauty Contest, If you guys want to know please read below:

    As a Miss Universe Thaland, I believe that she should be a great example not just only to the fellow contestants or the organization, but she should be the role model to everyone out there. Let me point out as to why she should not be crowned as Miss Universe Thailand:

    1. According to this year selecting the representative, Khun Dang, the organization’s owner had mentioned that she wants to find the right girl to compete in the Miss Universe 2014, a girl who has a great height, excellent in profile, able to communicate perfect English, has the potential to further develop. However, the final winner possesses everything that is against what she had said. Standing at barely 168cm in height and has a body that is inferior to the rest of the contestants, is not what should be represented at the pageant.

    2. As a role model for all the Thais out there, her use of coarse language is completely unacceptable. How could she be the role model to anyone, when her use of language is beyond anything polite.

    3. Political problems are understandably unavoidable, that we understand. However, with the use of coarse language and offensive suggestions such as ‘executed’, is not what a beauty queen should be saying or at least, in the humanity of mankind, no one should be wishing or suggesting an execution on anyone.

    4. Miss Universe Thailand Organization has set the rules regarding those who wants to join the competition that contestant should not be contract bound with any other media or organization, however, this year winner is already an actress and has have her new movie series filmed and ready to be shown on TV in the same month as she is crowned.

    5. The current Miss Universe Thailand also had photo of herself with moustache, mimicking one of the leader in Germany. I believe that this issue should not be bought up as a joke.

    6. The use of drugs is also presently displayed by the title holder.Her use of baraku, or smoking the baraku, is not what should the title as Miss Universe Thailand should be doing. again, this is going agains the rule of the Miss Universe Thailand Organization. Furthermore, her lies in the national television regarding her use of baraku is completely unacceptable as the public is not stupid to believe that it was just blowing bubble out of soap.

    With due respect, all the above comments are the primary reason why i do not agree with this year winner and hence, she should be disqualified and be replaced with someone who is more suitable

    Credit By: Paul B

  3. 168cm and look at her body, I agree she has pretty face (because she’s TV host and extra in some Thai TV Drama) but she’s not perfect to be our PROUND!

  4. I did this, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my Thailand, I just want to give a lesson to National Director, Miss Universe Thailand 72years old “Mrs.Surang Prampree”

    Please Mr.Trump, get rid of this women, she doesn’t do her job right!

  5. She cannot really represents Thailand becoz she was selected before hand and that’s corruption and cheat which as Thai people we cannot really support this matter. So sorry for the other best candidates. RIP Surang !!! ~ and this is how MUT organization selected a woman to represent us !!! All about BUSINESS AND BENEFIT for them !! POOR for THAILAND !!!!