44 contestants have now arrived in the UK to participate in Mr World 2016, and the past few days gave pageant followers the chance to finally see who stands out among the rest. As we count the days toward the big day, let us share our second hot picks.

Mr World Spain Angel Martinez Elul

Leading at this stage (and a new entry in our list) is Mr World – Spain, Angel Martinez. He has one of the most handsome faces in the competition. Add to that his good styling and understated elegance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is topping our list.

Up a notch to second is Mr World – South Africa, Armand Du Plessis. He is the earliest bird among the contestants and as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. He has been getting a good amount of exposure in the competition. Aside from that, his experience is previous competitions seems to have molded him as an almost flawless pageant guy.

In third place (and another new addition in the list) is the inspiring Mr World – Denmark, Rasmus Kamaei Pedersen. This 23-year-old cancer survivor is the ambassador for the Danish Cancer Association, which focuses on young people struggling with the big C.

Down from first to fourth place is Mr World – India, Rohit Khandelwal. This doesn’t mean he is losing his spark because he’s probably the leader in the Multimedia segment of the competition. He needs to be careful with his styling, however, ’cause he tends to overdo it at times.

And rounding off the Top 5 for now is Mr World – Puerto Rico, Fernando Alvarez. Like SA and India, Fernan is well prepared. Standing out is very effortless too.

Check out the complete list below:


1 Mr World – Spain
2 Mr World – South Africa
3 Mr World – Denmark
4 Mr World – India
5 Mr World – Puerto Rico
6 Mr World – Japan
7 Mr World – El Salvador
8 Mr World – Austria
9 Mr World – Kenya
10 Mr World – Ireland
11 Mr World – Korea
12 Mr World – Malta
13 Mr World – Poland
14 Mr World – Mexico
15 Mr World – Germany



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