Timeless Beauty 2016: Top 20 revealed


After a week of preliminary judging, it is time to reveal the 20 semifinalists of Missosology’s Timeless Beauty 2016.

With the help of reputable members from the Missosology forum (www.missosology.info), the 94 ladies from the Big5 beauty pageants were trimmed down to only 20. The Top 20 will be subjected to another round of judging with a completely different set of judges.

Without further ado, here are the Missosology Timeless Beauty 2016 Top 20 finalists:


Timeless Beauty 2016 Preliminary Scores


Big5 contestant


1  Philippines World – Catriona Gray 4.478 
2  Venezuela Earth – Stephanie de Zorzi 4.435 
3  Brazil Universe – Raissa Santana 4.261 
3  Mexico World – Ana Girault (IOSWT) 4.261 
3  Colombia Universe – Andrea Tovar 4.261 
6  France Universe – Iris Mittenaere 4.217 
7  Mexico Universe – Kristal Silva 4.130 
7  Slovakia World – Kristína Činčurová 4.130 
9  Thailand Universe – Chalita Suansane 4.087 
9  Philippines International – Kylie Verzosa 4.087 
9  Mexico International – Geraldine Ponce 4.087 
12  Dominican Republic World – Yaritza Reyes 4.043 
12  Poland International – Magdalena Bieńkowska 4.043 
14  Philippines Universe – Maxine Medina 3.870 
15  Puerto Rico World – Stephanie Del Valle 3.826 
15  Belarus International – Palina Tsehalka (IOSWT) 3.826 
17  Brazil World – Beatrice Fontoura 3.783 
18  Kenya World – Evelyn Njambi 3.652 
19  Indonesia International – Felicia Hwang 3.522 
19  Russia Earth – Aleksandra Cherepanová 3.522 
 Indonesia Universe – Kezia Warouw 3.478
 Panama Universe – Keity Drennan 3.478
 Nicaragua Universe – Marina Jacoby (IOSWT) 3.478
 Indonesia Supranational –  Intan Aletrino 3.478
 Hungary World – Tímea Gelencsér 3.435
 Venezuela Supranational – Valeria Vespoli 3.435
 Suriname Supranational – Jaleesa Pigot 3.435
 Haiti Universe – Raquel Pélissier 3.391
 Hungary Supranational -Korinna Kocsis 3.391
 USA World – Audra Mari 3.391
 Mexico Supranational – Cynthia de la Vega 3.391
 Colombia Earth – Michelle Gómez 3.348
 France World – Morgane Edvige 3.304
 Kenya Universe – Mary Esther Were 3.304
 Australia World – Madeline Cowe 3.304
 Ecuador Supranational – Maria Isabel Pineyro (IOSWT) 3.261
 Peru Universe – Valeria Piazza 3.217
 Russia International – Alisa Manenok 3.217
 India Supranational – Srinidhi Shetty 3.174
 Paraguay Supranational – Viviana Florentin 3.174
 USA Earth – Corrin Stellakis 3.130
 India World – Priyadarshini Chatterjee 3.130
 Brazil Earth – Bruna Zanardo 3.087
 Ecuador Earth – Katherine Espín 3.087
 Ukraine Supranational – Lenna Anastasiia 3.087
 Vietnam Earth – Nguyễn Thị Lệ Nam Em 3.000
 Denmark Earth – Klaudia Parsberg (IOSWT) 2.957
 Sri Lanka Supranational – Ornella Gunesekere 2.957
 Finland International – Emilia Seppänen 2.913
 Poland Supranational – Ewa Mielnicka 2.913
 Thailand World – Jinnita Buddee 2.913
 Australia Earth – Lyndl Kean 2.913
 Brazil Supranational – Cloris Ioanna Junges 2.913
 Argentina International – Yoana Don 2.870
 Philippines Supranational – Joanna Eden 2.870
 China World – Jing Kong 2.826
 Mongolia World – Bayartsetseg Altangerel 2.826
 Italy Earth – Denise Frigo 2.826
 Myanmar Supranational – Swe Zin Htet 2.826
 Ghana World – Antoinette Delali Kemavor 2.783
 Korea World – Hyun Wang 2.739
 Thailand International – Pattiya Pongthai 2.739
 Vietnam Supranational – Kha Trang 2.739
 England Earth – Luissa Burton 2.739
 USA International – Kaitryana Leinbach 2.739
 Canada International – Amber Bernachi 2.739
 Belarus Supranational – Polina Pimahina 2.739
 Romania Supranational – Sinziana Sirghi 2.739
 Mexico Earth – Itzel Astudillo 2.696
 Nicaragua International – Brianny Chamorro 2.696
 Korea Earth – Chae-Yeung Lee 2.652
 Slovakia Supranational –  Lenka Tekeljakova 2.652
 El Salvador International – Elizabeth Cader 2.652
 Canada Universe – Siera Bearchell 2.609
 Dominican Republic International – Cynthia Núñez 2.565
 Argentina Supranational – Wanessa Emiliana De Almeida 2.565
 Australia International – Alexandra Britton 2.565
 Russia Supranational – Vlada Gritsenko 2.565
 Belgium World – Lenty Frans 2.522
 Panama Supranational – Leydis Maybeth Gonzalez 2.522
 Japan International – Jyunna Yamagata 2.478
 USA Universe – Deshauna Barber 2.435
 Japan Supranational – Risa Nagashima 2.435
 Australia Supranational – Silka Kurzak 2.391
 Northern Ireland Earth – Julieann McStravick 2.391
 Macau Earth – Clover Zhu 2.348
 Netherlands Supranational – Milenka Janssen 2.348
 Indonesia World – Natasha Mannuela 2.304
 Japan World – Priyanka Yoshikawa 2.304
 Sweden Earth – Cloie Syquia Skarne 2.304
 South Africa Earth – Nozipho Magagula 2.261
 Mauritius Supranational – Ambika Callychurn 2.217
 Cook Islands World – Natalia Short 2.217
 Rwanda Supranational – Colombe Akiwacu 2.130

*IOSWT: “If Only She Was There” is an honorary title given by Missosology to a Big5 candidate who in our opinion deserves to be in the semifinals of her respective pageant but failed to make it.


The preliminary judges

This year, Missosology wanted more forum members involved in choosing the next Timeless Beauty. The core group selected this group of accomplished individuals:

Alex Sivixay (Ambassador) This international relations student from Laos is passionate about diversity and beauty in pageants.

BOP (Ambassador) This creative mind from central American country of El Salvador started following pageants when Miss Universe was held in Cyprus.

Carlostone (Elite) This Peruvian is one of the most active contributors in the forum’s Miss World section. He has been watching Miss World and Miss Universe since childhood.

Ea’rend¿l (Moderator) Aside from being a big fan of Miss Earth pageant, he is an engineer by professional and currently works as a research specialist.

Frank Speech (Ambassador) This medical professional from Trinidad & Tobago has been following pageants for the past 22 years.

Handsama (Pageant Apprentice) This environmental activist from the USA started paying attention to pageantry after finding out that there is more to it than just pretty faces.

IanC062 (Ambassador) This MA student in Museum Studies from Ireland have always admired beauty queens for their projection and confidence.

ianfandi (Predictionist) Currently taking her internal medicine residency program, this Indonesian’s interest for pageants started when Whulandary won Puteri Indonesia.

Iknowbeauty (Ambassador) From India, but currently residing in the USA, this ambassador has always know pageants since he was little but it was Missosology that fueled the interest in 2012.

Jake.Horan (Pageant Expert) This medicine student from Aukland, New Zealand is currently training to be an anaesthetist. His exposure to pageants began in 2012 after helping a mate work behind the scenes of the Miss Universe NZ pageant.

kenhan (Moderator) One of Missosology’s reliable moderators, Ken is currently based in Thailand. He has covered a number of international pageants for Missosology, including Manhunt International, Mister Global and Miss Grand International.

ManMeat (Superstar) This freelance consultant from South Korea is the only active South Korean member in the forum. The first Miss Universe edition that he watched was in 2006 and has since followed pageants.

MariaAndreina (Pageant Expert) This media production major was born in Quito, Ecuador but moved to Florida. Her interest for pageants began as a little girl back in 2004 when Miss Universe was hosted in her own city.

novemberRain (Ambassador) Didi from West Java, Indonesia works in a bank in Jakarta. Miss Universe 2000 was the first pageant that he watched and that started his passion for pageants.

Queen Esther (VIP) A controversial name in the Missosology forum, Queen Esther never fails to give insider info during pageant season.

qwerty1234 (Moderator) He is one of Missooslogy’s forum moderators and social media content creator for the male pageant page. Outside Missosology, he works in the Philippine Judiciary.

Rauma (Elite) One of the members in the forum whose opinions are valued is this pageant enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland.

Sexydrew82 (Pageant Expert) One of the most respected icons in the forum is this pageant expert from Canada. He works for the Department of Justice Canada during the day and moonlight as a Fitness/Zumba Instructor. He is a huge fan of haute couture and pageant fashion, and the blogger of “The Pageant Spotlight”.

Stoichio (Pageant Expert) It was Miriam Quiambao’s 1999 Miss Universe runner-up finish that made this chemical engineer follow pageants religiously.

ticomia (Top Model) This lawyer from Brazil is passionate about pageantry, photography and tourism. He was Missosology’s correspondent to Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paolo.

touchedbyanangel (Correspondent) This chef and restaurateur is originally from Indonesia but currently residing in the USA.

unbreakable (Ambassador) A member in the forum for more than 7 years now, this medicine student from Israel started watching Miss Universe in 2000.

valleriam (Pageant Expert) The pageant loving island of Puerto Rico is represented in the judging panel by one of the most respected pageant experts in the forum.

Wojtek (Top Model) This Polish fotomodel inventory assistant and animal lover has been a beauty pageant fan since Miss World 2004. Missosology.Org