From 94 beauties from the 2016 editions of the Big5 beauty pageants, Missosology Timeless Beauty 2016 was cut to only 20 semifinalists. And now, we’re down to the Top 10.

For the first round of voting, select members of the Missosology forum were tasked to pick the best 20 beauty queens. For the second phase, Missosology admins and global correspondents scored each of the Top 20 semifinalists to determine who moves forward to the final round.

After days of voting, here are the Missosology Timeless Beauty 2016 Top 10 finalists:

Timeless Beauty 2016 Semifinals Scores

RANK Big5 contestant AVERAGE
1 France Universe – Iris Mittenaere 4.500 
2 Venezuela Earth – Stephanie de Zorzi 4.450 
3 Brazil Universe – Raissa Santana 4.250 
4 Philippines World – Catriona Gray 4.200 
4 Thailand Universe – Chalita Suansane 4.200 
6 Slovakia World – Kristína Činčurová 4.150 
7 Dominican Republic World – Yaritza Reyes 4.100 
7 Poland International – Magdalena Bieńkowska 4.100 
9 Mexico Universe – Kristal Silva 4.050 
9 Kenya World – Evelyn Njambi 4.050 
11 Mexico International – Geraldine Ponce 4.000
11 Mexico World – Ana Girault (IOSWT) 4.000
13 Philippines Universe – Maxine Medina 3.900
14 Belarus International – Palina Tsehalka (IOSWT) 3.850
14 Colombia Universe – Andrea Tovar 3.850
14 Philippines International – Kylie Verzosa 3.850
17 Puerto Rico World – Stephanie Del Valle 3.800
18 Brazil World – Beatrice Fontoura 3.750
18 Indonesia International – Felicia Hwang 3.750
20 Russia Earth – Aleksandra Cherepanová 3.600


*IOSWT: “If Only She Were There” is an honorary title given by Missosology to a Big5 candidate who in our opinion deserves to be in the semifinals of her respective pageant but failed to make it.

The scores from the semifinals will be back to zero and the Top 10 will be subject to a final round of scoring with a different set of judges independent from Missosology. Their votes along with the public vote will determine who wins Timeless Beauty 2016.

The semifinals judges

For the second round of judging (semifinals), Missosology admins and correspondents took the task of judging the remaining Top 20.

Ric Galvez – Overall coordinator and founder of Missosology. He also regularly writes analyses for Missosology covering the political aspects of beauty pageants.

Stephen Diaz – The Associate Editor of Missosology and is resident correspondent to the Miss International beauty pageant. He also flew to the USA from Japan to cover Miss World last December 2016.

Drew Francisco – The lead editor of Missosology for Miss Universe. He covered a number of pageants for Missosology including Miss Earth, Mister Global and Mister International.

Bong Tan – Missosology’s indefatigable chief photographer and correspondent. Aside from covering Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China and Puteri Indonesia 2016, he was recently sent to Poland for the Miss Supranational 2016 pageant.

Santi Mendber – The administrator of the Missosology Mexico section and is in charge in covering all the major pageants in his home country.

Jose Coronel Aizaaga – The administrator of the Missosology Ecuador section and is in charge in covering all the major pageants in his home country, including Miss United Continents.

Jessie Ambrosio – The administrator of Missosology Nordic Countries section and is in charge in covering all the major pageants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Shota Ise – One of the correspondents of the Missosology Japan section, who has been covering the Miss International pageant since 2013.

Devon Prashad – The man behind the famous Missosology Guyana page, and is in charge in covering all the major pageants in his home country.

Missosology Vietnam – One of the fastest growing regional pages coming from another pageant-savvy nation. This page recently launched their own “Vietnam Timeless Beauty”. Missosology.Org