Anastasia Lin is Miss World Canada 2015



An Ontario native named Anastasia Lin won the Miss World Canada 2015 contest in a pageant held Saturday night, May 16th. She will represent Canada at the Miss World 2015 contest. Raised in China and moved to Canada at the age of 13, she grew up with a passion for religious freedom and human rights.

Anastasia is an actress and an accomplished model. She first participated in 2013 at the Miss World Canada contest where she finished as 2nd runner-up. She is 25 years of age and stands at 5’6″.



  1. Did she participate in 2003 at Miss World Canada? If she is 25 back then she was 13. I don’t buy it. When she was 13 she moved to Canada from China! Probably it was 2013 she participated. However she is a huge upgrade from 2014 but I don’t see her go more far than top 25 at MW

  2. She needs a lot of preparation, tone her body, lose a lot of weight, styling, make-up training, posture and walking.

  3. You so deserve it, you’re a beautiful person inside and outside. Canada
    should be proud to be represented by you! Humility and selflessness with
    beauty! Ele Onora

  4. You
    so deserve it, you’re a beautiful person inside and outside. Canada
    should be proud to be represented by you! Humility and selflessness with

      • You have emotions, while emotions make you judge things non-objectively. It is the decision of the Committee and public voters, right? She won it by herself, nonetheless you see her beautiful or not. Like the election of the US president, no matter whom you support, but you have to respect the result.

        • If you think this girl was the most beautiful in the pageant, and I mean if you honestly in your heart and your conscience feel that way…… then you need glasses, a psychiatrist, and a couple of shots of straight vodka

          • Is beauty science? and is there a sole criterion? What is the meaning of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? What is more, the Miss World or Miss Canada is absolutely not looking for the most sexy girl. It is not only about the body, but also about soul, mind, warm heart, dreams, communication skills, performance skills etc….
            You can read the Miss Canada’s mission on their official website: “Changing the lives of children worldwide, showcasing talents, empowering young women and men to achieve their dreams and goals and creating strong Canadian ambassadors on a world stage through our New Development Program, this is what Miss World Canada stands for.”
            “Our main mission and focus at Miss World® Canada is to shape the next generation of influential Canadian women.”
            If you spend some time to search Anastasia Lin and learn more about her stories, such as what she did for supporting human rights, I believe that you will find she is beautiful from within.

  5. Sorry, but this girl looks like terrible, her nose its a desaster… many asian girls looks beautifull (Riyo Mori! its amazing), but Ling dosn´t have the average to a grand slam… Canada miss how looks Natalia Glebova! -.-U

  6. Until the Miss World Canada pageant is run by different people, you will get ridiculous results like the one that just occurred in Vancouver. There’s nothing that can be done – its a private organization. There was virtually no judging. The Chairman of the pageant has 20% of the total mark called “Director’s Score”. The interview portion of the contest worth 10% was thrown out because the pageant director told the girls “There is no time for the interview portion”. The 10% for the discontinued swimsuit competition was never mentioned as to where those marks went. One contestant who was thought to be a “fixed winner”, was seen in backroom meetings the entire pageant week with the organizers. The pageant owner would share photos of girls in favour on his personal Facebook page and not share photos of other contestants. If only the word could be spread to stop beautiful young girls who think they have an honest chance at this pageant (when in fact they don’t have a hope). I hope this pageant is disbanded and taken over by people who want to see a beautiful girl who we will be excited to see win and represent our country. So truly sad

  7. Worst “pageant” in Canada. The Miss World Organization must roll with laughter when they see the girls that the organization sends. Canada is the laughing stock of the pageant world. I guarantee if this girl gets to be sent to Miss World she won’t place at all – just like last year.