Miss World 2018 Final Hot Picks


Texts by R. Galvez
Graphics by Drew Francisco

Miss World 2018 will come into conclusion tonight in Sanya, China and rest assured it will be an event full of glitz and glamour. On who is the frontrunner is something that still baffles our panel of experts. Will Miss World crown a winner based on pre-final contests? Or will someone come out of nowhere and steal the show just like in 2016?
Well, our experts believe that it is now the right time for Mexico to win the Miss World crown. Last year, Mexico finished as first runner-up and that’s the third time that the country fell short in winning the elusive title by such a razor thin margin. This year, Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce is giving a strong showing and it would be a gross injustice to deny her the crown. She did spectacularly well in several pre-final contests such as Multimedia, Beauty with a Purpose, Top Model and the very important Head to Head Challenge.
Miss France Maëva Coucke is always a serious contender for the crown. She is the winner of the Top Model contest and this award shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember that four Top Model winners in the past ended up clinching the crown. Will Maëva Coucke win something that her country last won in 1953?
For representing such a small nation with not that strong performance at Big5 pageants, Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada is a welcome surprise. By just looking at the numbers and figures, Shrinkhala should be the outright winner of the Miss World 2018 pageant. She took her Multimedia and Beauty with a Purpose project seriously thus winning both contests. It would be truly historic if this Nepalese beauty will bring home the blue crown!
Miss New Zealand Jessica Tyson is also a contestant to watch. Our panel of experts love her engaging speeches and her genuine personality. Although she came a little bit short in the Head to Head Challenge, Jessica gave a formidable showing at Beauty with a Purpose project. It must be taken into note that New Zealand is yet to win the Miss World crown but boasts two first runners-up!
Rounding up the Top 5 is Miss Kenya Finali Galaiya who is the strongest among the African delegation. She won the Sanya Tourism Promotional Video award and it is undeniable that she is one of the favorites in the competition. She also did well in her Beauty with a Purpose project and Multimedia contests.
Check out the full list of Missosology’s Miss World 2018 Final Hot Picks below.
1 Mexico – Vanessa Ponce
2 France – Maëva Coucke
3 Nepal – Shrinkhala Khatiwada
4 New Zealand – Jessica Tyson
5 Kenya – Finali Galaiya
6 China – Peirui Mao
7 Chile – Anahi Hormazabal
8 Korea – Ah Cho
9 Japan – Kanako Date
10 Uganda – Quiin Abenakyo
11 South Africa – Thulisa Keyi
12 Venezuela – Veruska Ljubisavljević
13 Indonesia – Alya Nurshabrina
14 India – Anukreethy Vas
15 Philippines – Katarina Rodriguez
16 United States – Marisa Butler
17 Puerto Rico – Dayanara Martinez
18 Vietnam – Trần Tiểu Vy
19 Panama – Solaris Barba
20 Malaysia – Larissa Ping
21 Jamaica – Kadijah Robinson
22 Thailand – Nicolene Limsnukan
23 Australia – Taylah Cannon
24 Senegal – Aissatou Filly
25 Brazil – Jéssica Carvalho
26 Mauritius – Murielle Ravina
27 Spain – Amaia Izar
28 Bangladesh – Jannatul Ferdous
29 Singapore – Vanessa Peh
30 England – Alisha Cowie