Miss World 2018 Second Hot Picks

Text and graphics by Drew Francisco
All roads lead to Sanya, China as the oldest existing beauty pageant kicks off. More than 120 candidates have been confirmed and will battle it out for the elusive “blue crown”. As the contestants are now on their way to compete in the pageant, it is high time for a Second Hot Picks.
It should not come as a surprise that Katarina Rodriguez of the Philippines is leading our list at the moment. The momentum is on her side as she is one of the most popular candidates at the moment. After finishing 1st runner-up in Miss Intercontinental 2017 in Egypt, Katarina made a bold move of crossing over another national pageant. The gamble paid off as the 26-year-old model and peace ambassador was crowned Miss World Philippines 2018 last month. Since then, she has been working on all aspects of the competition, including her Beauty With A Purpose project. She even flew to Marawi City in the south of the Philippines in collaboration with some organizations to help improve the lives of children in the war-torn city. Miss World needs someone who is willing to go to far-flung areas to provide help, and Katarina is what they are looking for.
Not far behind is the stunning Anahi Hormazabal of Chile. This 20-year-old engineering student and part-time model is probably one of the best Chile has ever sent to international pageants. With a stunning face, modeling experience, and talent in singing and dancing, Anahi surely has what it takes to ace the competition.
In third place is Maëva Coucke of France. Sending the main winner of the Miss France to Miss World is definitely a good move for the country, which last won in 1953. The 24-year-old law student better suits the Miss World pageant and we think she has what it takes to be France’s second Miss World winner.
Down a few places, but still not to be forgotten is Jessica Tyson of New Zealand. Not as popular as the other delegates, this 25-year-old TV presenter has a story to tell that will make her a great ambassador. Jessica recently talked about her alleged sexual abuse as a child, which led her to launch her own organization aimed at helping “young people and high school students to learn more about sexual violence and help others to help themselves.”
Rounding out our Top 5 for now is Amaia Izar Leache of Spain. This 21-year-old business management student is a true beauty with a purpose as she believes that women are more than just their sexy physique. “We do not need to put on a swimsuit to show what we are worth,” she said in one of her interviews.
Check out the complete list below:
Miss World 2018 Missosology.Org Second Hot Picks
Miss World 2018 Missosology.Org Second Hot Picks
1 Philippines | Katarina Rodriguez
2 Chile | Anahi Hormazabal
3 France | Maëva Coucke
4 New Zealand | Jessica Tyson
5 Spain | Amaia Izar Leache
6 Mexico | Vanessa Ponce
7 Uganda | Quiin Abenakyo
8 Puerto Rico | Dayanara Martinez
9 Vietnam | Tran Tieu Vy
10 Jamaica | Kadijah Robinson
11 South Africa | Thulisa Keyi
12 Thailand | Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan
13 United States | Marisa Butler
14 Indonesia | Alya Nurshabrina
15 Venezuela | Veruska Ljubisavljevic
16 Myanmar | Han Thi
17 Nepal | Shrinkhala Khatiwada
18 Aruba | Nurianne Arias
19 China | Mao Peirui
20 Australia | Taylah Cannon
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