Miss World 2014 Hot Picks No. 3



Miss Mundo Republica Dominicana Dhio Moreno leads in the 3rd Miss World Hot Picks of Missosology. Dhio’s graceful aura and her sophisticated looks are just difficult to ignore. Don’t get fooled though. She has a soft beauty and is very sweet personally and these are the qualities that Miss World is looking for. It is without doubt that her beauty will be warmly welcomed in London.



On the second place is Miss World Thailand Nonthawan Thongleng who is famously called as the Thai Pocahontas. Her bronze skin simply redefined how Thailand appreciates beauty. Her can do attitude will surely give her extra points at Miss World 2014.

Genesis Davila of Puerto Rico is currently third on the Hot Picks. This gorgeous beauty is simply divine and is one of the experienced contestants around.




Others who made it on our list are:

4.) Miss Brazil Julia Gama

5.) Miss England Carina Tyrell

6.) Miss Guyana Rafieya Husain

7.) Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss

8.) Miss Trinidad and Tobago Sarah Jane Waddell

9.) Miss Ukraine Andriana Khasanshin

10.) Miss Cameroon Larissa Ngangoum

11.) Miss Australia Courtney Thorpe

12.) Miss Gibraltar Shyanne Azzopardi

13.) Miss Paraguay Myriam Arévalos

14.) Miss Bermuda Lillian Lightbourn

15.) Miss Austria Julia Furdeamw14hp3


  1. Miss Dominican Republic is pretty but she’s definitely not all that…
    On the other hand, Miss Puerto Rico is a much more complete contestant. She should have been on your #1 position. I really hope she wins.

    • I am agreed with you, I think either PR or Thailand should be in the top and Dominican Republic third. Dominican Republic is a beautiful black woman I do not see any extravaganza on her. I think Miss PR has amazing brown (hazel) that turn heads. .

  2. Really refreshing to see two Black girls in the top. Good job Dominican Rep and Puerto Rico to send women of color they def will rise to the top