A Miss World winner is long overdue for Brazil


It’s Brazil’s time to shine at Miss World! Well, supposedly… Just when it looked like that the Continental Queen of Americas finish of Mariana Notarangelo in 2012 and Sancler Frantz in 2013 would bring that beautiful blue crown to the largest country in South America, Brazil continued to struggle to live up the hype.

There were lots of talk about Brazil winning in 2013 because it will be hosting the soccer World Cup and there would be indeed lots of publicity if their victory at the pageant coincides with the world’s biggest sporting event. Of course, everyone knows by now how Sancler Frantz advance was halted by Ghana, France and the winner – the Philippines.

All the while experts thought that Brazil will sustain their finalist placement however, in 2014 the country stayed within Top 11. And in accordance with downward trend, last year, Brazil stayed only at Top 20. That is beginning to put more question marks on the prospect of the country to win its second Miss World crown.

Miss World 1971 Lucia Tavares Petterle
Miss World 1971 Lucia Tavares Petterle

As a history refresher, let’s take a look at the events that led to the victory of Lucia Tavares Petterle in 1971. Interestingly, there was not much. There was a mini-drought from 1967-1969, then in 1970, Sonia Yara Guerra made it to the semis. Thus one can say that the 1971 victory came without much of a warning.

Thus despite of the downward trend, Brazil is still poised to reach the elusive dream of having a second Miss World crown. Awesome to know too that despite being only in Top 20 last year, Brazil’s representative, Catharina Choi, was actually awarded with Continental Queen of Americas. It’s already in three instances that Brazilian beauties were considered as the best in the continent by Miss World. It is an indication that the crown will soon come or what? Brazil should better prepare itself to welcome a new Miss World in a year or so!