IN PHOTOS: Miss World 2016 coronation night


Text by Drew Francisco; Photos by Stephen Diaz

Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle was crowned Miss World 2016 during the finals held on December 18 at the MGM National Harbor resort in the USA.


The Dominican Republic’s Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramírez was second place, while Indonesia’s Natasha Mannuela finished third. The Philippines’ Catriona Gray and Kenya’s Evelyn Njambi Thungu compeleted the Top 5 finalists.


Valle bested 116 other candidates for the crown. Asked, “If you have an opportunity to change something about the world, then what would that be?” She replied: “I think what I would do is send a message of how important it is to change exclusion for acceptance, to promote and provide the justice to others and the importance of helping those in need.”

The rest of the Top 11 were Miss Belgium Lenty Frans, Miss Brazil Beatrice Fontoura, Miss China PR Jing Kong, Miss Korea Hyun Wang, and Miss United States. Audra Mari. People Choice Award winner Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel automatically became part of the Top 11.

15608706_10153959367597391_1474466082_oThe delegates from Australia, Cook Islands, France, Ghana, Hungary, India, Japan, Slovakia and Thailand complete the Top 20.

Fast track winners, who earned automatic spots in the Top 20 were: Beauty with a Purpose – Miss Indonesia Natasha Mannuela, Talent – Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel, Sports and Fitness – Miss Cook Islands Natalia Short, Multimedia – Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, and Top Model – PR China Jing Kong. Missosology.Org


  1. I’m happy that 8 of my top 20 are in: Dominican Republic (my 4th and with this top 20 she should have won), France (my 6th), USA (my 10th), Ghana (my 12th), Philippines (my 13th), Kenya (my 14th), Brazil (my 17th) and Hungary (my 18th). I will go for physical beauty and not fast tracks (because I don’t know the projects etc).
    This year the East/South East/Central Asian race ruled but they overlooked the most beautiful from them: Kazakhstan (my 2nd). You have to check her in every single photo, the girl is a stunner, gorgeous face. Instead of her they chose Indonesia (this pageant discovered this country for the very first time in 2011-before it was unfairly overlooked- and from then they choose it 6 years in a row because there are Indonesian experts in the pageant. Ok, she won beauty with a purpose, but what about Top Model? 1st Runner up? Not so beautiful like the other delegates and not great in catwalk, indeed it was about Indonesian connections with the pageant), China (the same as Indonesia. Big fund of the pageant that’s why this is the powerhouse. Top model winner to one of the least beautiful delegate China ever sent and not so good in catwalk either?), Mongolia (ok, she won the fast track talent but she wasn’t that beautiful either but I was happy because this country is overlooked many times), Japan (good choice for this mixed Indian cutie), Thailand (fixed nose and eyes) and South Korea (cutie but not so stunning like others). As for the rest of Asia they chose the south Asian cutie from India that was a good choice as well. As for the Africans/African heritage delegates along with the 4 stunners they fairly put in, there should have been two more as well: Honduras (my 3rd, the most beautiful black delegate of the pageant, afro-latina stunner but she comes from a never placing country) and Guinea (my 11th, a cutie teen face with dimples). As for latinas, they preferred the obviously fixed one (Puerto Rico) over natural native stunner of Eduador (my 8th), and teen fresh face of Uruguay (my 9th)? As for Cook Islands I was happy because this country never placed but if it wasn’t the sport track she wouldn’t have (not so beautiful as others from this country). From the blondes, they chose Belgium (overrated), Australia (more sash factor than stunning as others) and Slovakia (cutie but not my best for me but I know she has big fans) over the most beautiful delegate of the pageant, Ukraine (my Miss World)? This natural stunner was the biggest snub of the competition (along with Kazakhstan and Honduras. Statusque stunners all of them).
    As for the others I put in my top 20 and were overlooked are: Belarus (my 5th, brown eyed brunette stunner with natural hair), Italy (my 7th, a Mediterranean bombshell), Denmark (my 15th, dark haired blue eyed, like sea, beauty), Wales (my 16th, dark haired hazel eyed cutie), Russia (my 19th, a sexy like manga face) and Moldova (my 20th, a high fashion brunette face). I’ve noticed that former Soviet Union rocked this year with 5 stunners (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Moldova) but was left in the ice.

  2. With all the 5, miss Indonesia answer was the least appealing. And she even the first runner up…so im wondering if she answered it well she might be the miss world. Tsk Tsk