The Miss World website revealed the Top 5 contestants in all of its pre-finals competition except for the Beauty with a Purpose award.

Miss World Top Model

CHINA PR – Du Yang

SOUTH SUDAN – Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Isidora Borovcanin

HUNGARY – Edina Kulcsár

AUSTRALIA – Courtney Thorpe


Beach Fashion

MEXICO – Daniela Álvarez Reyes

KENYA – Idah Nguma

SWEDEN – Olivia Asplund

SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

INDIA – Koyal Rana



NETHERLANDS – Tatjana Maul

GUYANA – Rafieya Husain

INDIA – Koyal Rana

UNITED STATES – Elizabeth Safrit

ENGLAND – Carina Tyrrell


The Talent winner will be decided on Sunday, after a sing off between the top two choices. MALAYSIA & SCOTLAND will take to the stage to perform their individual pieces infront of the judges, live audience and millions watching at home!

Sing-Off Top 2: MALAYSIA – Dewi Liana Seriestha – Opera Singing & SCOTLAND – Ellie McKeating – Traditional Gaelic Vocals

RUSSIA – Anastasia Kostenko – Ballet

SWEDEN – Olivia Asplund – Ice Skating

UNITED STATES – Elizabeth Safrit – Ballet en Pointe


Sports & Fitness

1st – FINLAND – Krista Haapalainen

2nd – HUNGARY – Edina Kulcsár

3rd – SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

4th – SERBIA – Milica Vuklis

5th – WALES – Alice Ford

Beauty with a Purpose Top 10

BOLIVIA – Andrea Forfori Aguilera

ENGLAND – Carina Tyrrell

BRAZIL – Julia Gama

INDIA – Koyal Rana

GUYANA – Rafieya Husain

KENYA – Idah Nguma

INDONESIA – Maria Sastrayu Rahajeng

PHILIPPINES – Valerie Weigmann

SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

NETHERLANDS – Tatjana Maul



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