Miss World reveals shortlisted candidates


The Miss World website revealed the Top 5 contestants in all of its pre-finals competition except for the Beauty with a Purpose award.

Miss World Top Model

CHINA PR – Du Yang

SOUTH SUDAN – Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Isidora Borovcanin

HUNGARY – Edina Kulcsár

AUSTRALIA – Courtney Thorpe


Beach Fashion

MEXICO – Daniela Álvarez Reyes

KENYA – Idah Nguma

SWEDEN – Olivia Asplund

SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

INDIA – Koyal Rana



NETHERLANDS – Tatjana Maul

GUYANA – Rafieya Husain

INDIA – Koyal Rana

UNITED STATES – Elizabeth Safrit

ENGLAND – Carina Tyrrell


The Talent winner will be decided on Sunday, after a sing off between the top two choices. MALAYSIA & SCOTLAND will take to the stage to perform their individual pieces infront of the judges, live audience and millions watching at home!

Sing-Off Top 2: MALAYSIA – Dewi Liana Seriestha – Opera Singing & SCOTLAND – Ellie McKeating – Traditional Gaelic Vocals

RUSSIA – Anastasia Kostenko – Ballet

SWEDEN – Olivia Asplund – Ice Skating

UNITED STATES – Elizabeth Safrit – Ballet en Pointe


Sports & Fitness

1st – FINLAND – Krista Haapalainen

2nd – HUNGARY – Edina Kulcsár

3rd – SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

4th – SERBIA – Milica Vuklis

5th – WALES – Alice Ford

Beauty with a Purpose Top 10

BOLIVIA – Andrea Forfori Aguilera

ENGLAND – Carina Tyrrell

BRAZIL – Julia Gama

INDIA – Koyal Rana

GUYANA – Rafieya Husain

KENYA – Idah Nguma

INDONESIA – Maria Sastrayu Rahajeng

PHILIPPINES – Valerie Weigmann

SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

NETHERLANDS – Tatjana Maul



  1. The national franchise holders SHOULD choose a contest who can sing. Miss World always lets the SINGERS win the Talent award. It seems useless to join in the talent competition if singing is not the talent of the contestant.