Miss World Philippines is just around the corner and the latest buzz is that the finals night will be held next month. It is interesting to note that the title itself was first formally awarded almost 10 years ago. For decades, the task of crowning the Philippine representative to Miss World pageant was passed from one to organization to another. The now defunct Miss Republic of the Philippines pageant held the franchise until 1976 when Mutya ng Pilipinas took the helm. Then, Bb. Pilipinas was put in charge from 1992 until 2010 wherein the title Bb. Pilipinas-World was one of their three main titles.

It was only in 2011 when wellness advocate and media personality Cory Quirino took over the franchise and created a separate pageant named Miss World Philippines. Under her stewardship, the Philippines finally won its first, and so far the only, Miss World crown. Unfortunately, Cory called it quits in 2017 and now the pageant is under the management of Arnold Vegafria.

Let’s take a walk back at the memory lane and relive the 10-year history of Miss World Philippines.

Gwendoline Ruais is the first ever Miss World Philippines winner under the new franchise. It is probably safe to say by now that not much was expected from Gwendoline. However, she surprised everyone by finishing as first princess at Miss World 2011 pageant. It was the highest placement of the Philippines at Miss World since 1973!

Hopes ran high when Queenierich Rehman competed at Miss World 2012. She was one of the frontrunners but unfortunately she settled for a Top 15 placement.

The year 2013 was a glorious one for the Philippines. What was then believed to be impossible has finally came into fruition when Megan Young won the crown. Megan remains the only Miss World winner from the Philippines elevating her country to an elite group of handful countries that won all the Big 5 titles.

Some mentioned a possible back to back win but in 2014, no one could have taken it seriously. Valerie Weigmann however was expected to be at least in the Top 5 but she only made it to the Top 25.

When Hillarie Parungao participated in Miss World 2015, there was a great level of confidence in the Philippines that their victories somewhere else will eventually lift their Miss World chances. Add the fact that there were no clear frontrunners at the pageant, so Filipinos thought Hillarie had a strong shot at the crown. However, she made it only as far as Top 11.

Miss World 2016 was a major disappointment for the Philippines. Catriona Gray was supposed to win the second crown for the Philippines. She was an obvious frontrunner but in the end a dark horse won. What was shocking was that Catriona was left out of the Top 3!

Still hungover from previous year’s frustration, Miss World Philippines was not the same organization as it was before when it fielded Laura Lehmann for the 2017 competition. Cory Quirino was no longer at the helm and Laura could only manage a Top 40 finish.

For the first time since it was founded in 2011, Miss World Philippines failed. Katarina Sonja Rodriguez missed the Top 30 berth at Miss World 2018 thus, ending the 7-year unbroken streak of the Philippines.

Michelle Daniella Dee’s Top 12 placement at Miss World 2019 signaled a comeback of sorts for the Philippines at Miss World. It remains to be seen though if Miss World Philippines can sustain this or if the country will once again slip into the backwater. The results of the 2021 national competition will be a key in answering this question.