Anyone wishing to emulate Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young will find that there is a large shoe to fill. Megan, arguably, is the best Miss World ever, so how could anyone participating at the Miss World Philippines 2014 can ever live up to that? Megan set the bar way too high such that none of the current contestants of Miss World Philippines can command the highest attention of missosologists.


But if anyone has ever come close to the goddess Megan, is has to be Valerie Weigmann. She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet and above all, she’s the crowd favorite. Rachel Louise Peters meanwhile the close second. She will give Valerie a credible competitor. She was named as Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit during the prelims and this is a very good sign for her.


Meanwhile, the complete list of Miss World Philippines 2014 contestants that could make it to the semis are listed below. So, who do you think will follow the footsteps of Megan Young?MWP 2014