The Miss World 2015 pageant is exciting in the sense that there is no clear front-runner among the candidates. Basically, it’s everyones game and chances are, many pageant experts will get it wrong at the final predictions. Here are the lovely ladies who made it to our Miss World Hot Picks No. 5:

1.) Miss Lebanon Valerie Abou Chacra stands out from the crowd and is one of the stunners in this year’s pageant. She’s got a gorgeous facial beauty and pageant observers are already keeping an eye on this beauty since she won the Miss Lebanon contest. Although Valerie has not been on the list of several pre-final competitions, she is poised for a rebound when the Top Model contest will finally kick in.

2.) On the very close second spot is Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao. This lady is just full of class and there are no wrong angles on her when it comes to photos. She is also very articulate and can be considered as a sweet beauty. It is very possible that the Philippines can achieve its second Miss World crown with this young and sweet lady.

3.) Australians had been gaining a lot of momentum at Miss World. Miss Australia Tess Alexander is very much capable of sustaining the groundwork laid out by her predecessors. She’s got a vibrant personality and has made quite an impression at the Sports and Fitness challenge.

4.) Another beauty that has been tagged as a Miss World “prototype” [the context of this word in the world of pageantry is defined as someone who possess the qualities that a pageant usually looks in a winner], along with Miss Lebanon, is Miss Poland Marta Pałucka. She is a very sweet beauty – very soft in aura actually – and one can say that she is on the same league as Alexandria Mills or Zhang Zilin. Many pageant observers fell in love with this lady who’s got a finesse and sophistication.

5.) Miss Botswana Seneo Mabengano is one delegate that we need to keep an eye on. Botswana is a nation that can deliver surprises when you least expect it. Seneo had been under fire in her native country for being “not black enough” but at Miss World 2015, she is showing a lot of promise. She has been shortlisted in the Sports and Fitness Challenge and she is making a good impression, after all she represents the comeback of Botswana at the pageant.





6.) If Miss World is a predictable pageant, then Miss New Zealand Deborah Lambie will be the outright winner. It’s an oft repeated word however, it is still worth mentioning – Miss New Zealand is a consistent delegate. It is also very clear that she caught the eye of the organizers at the very early stage of the competition. She kept building on that momentum and her wit and intelligence will allow her breeze through at the Top 5 without a hitch.

7.) Miss Colombia María Alejandra López will hope that her country’s success in other pageants will help her journey towards Colombia’s first Miss World crown. She is the top rated Latina in the competition. Her exposure that the Miss Hispanoamerica contest where she was hailed as the winner two years ago will boost her confidence. Surely, Colombia’s place at the Big4 Ranking will get a boost if they will snatch the Miss World crown this year.

8.) Miss Vietnam Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê is the best Vietnamese contestant we’ve seen. She is very elegant – a product of her supermodel background. Surely, she will place very high in the Top Model contest. She also sports a well toned body and she possess one of the head-turning faces at Miss World 2015.

9.) The fusion of east and west is very much evident in Miss Brazil Catharina Choi. The exotic beauty has been earning praises ever since she won by default at the Miss Mundo Brasil contest. Her beauty strikes the right tone taking the best both from her Brazilian and Korean roots. She is also well-experience having represented Korea at the Miss Earth pageant.

10.) When she speaks, her confidence is very striking and she speaks from her heart. It is easy to fall in love with Miss Trinidad and Tobago Kimberly Singh. Trinis have done pretty well at the pageant so expect no less than a spectacular performance from Kimberly. Her beauty is also one of the best from the Caribbean region and more likely she will be hailed as the Caribbean Continental Queen.
















11.) Miss Mongolia Anu Namshiryn
12.) Miss France Hinarere Taputu
13.) Miss Turkey Ecem Cirpan
14.) Miss Ecuador Camila Maranon
15.) Miss Norther Ireland Leanne McDowell

Bubbling up: England, Japan, United States, China, Mexico


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