Galina Mihaylova, Miss World Bulgaria 2016, talks about her Beauty with a Purpose Project which is about Human Trafficking Awareness.

Human trafficking is one of the top three most profitable international crimes, along with narcotics and weapons trafficking. Estimates vary greatly as to the monetary value of the illicit industry – whereas the UN Office of Drugs and Crime reports the figure at roughly $32 billion, the International Labor Organization places it significantly higher at $150 billion per year. Bulgaria is among the countries with the most trafficking victims in Europe, and it serves both as a source country, and a transshipment point. According to the Bulgarian National Commission for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings (NCCTHB), “Worldwide trafficking in human beings is recognized as a serious violation of human rights. Human trafficking impairs the honour and the dignity of the victims and in some cases – their right to life. As a form of an organized crime, trafficking in human beings undermines the basic principles of the law order and democratic standards within the society. The transnational character of the phenomenon requires joint efforts of all institutions working against human trafficking on national, regional and international levels”.


There is a need for an improved human trafficking prevention by raising the public (in particular young public) to that problem. My aim is to demonstrate the significance of using innovative approaches in that process. Therefore, my project Beauty with a Purpose is fundraising for the creation of a well-thought mobile application that will raise the public awareness to the problem, by making people more knowledgeable and able to act immediately in case of a possible threat. Working with an international team of experts, I have established a campaign that addresses this reprehensible criminal scourge with three key pillars: 1) Investigation; 2) Education; and 3) Intervention. Under the slogan “Preempt to Prevent,” that stresses the need of taking actions before the presence of an imminent threat, I have taken up the Bulgarian National Commission for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings s challenge to: “Raise public awareness of the problems of trafficking in human beings and develop mechanisms for its limitation, and create public intolerance to this phenomenon.” But my efforts exceed that objective.


On 17 October 2016, with leading Bulgarian politicians, diplomats and jurists present, and with viewers across the world watching on a live feed, I hosted a high-level discussion on human trafficking in honor of European Anti-Trafficking Day. In addition to bringing to life the very notion of “Preempt to Prevent,” this event also served as the launch of a US-based nonprofit, Sonder Global, of which I now serve both as a Director and Ambassador. I am extremely proud to say that the event marked a wide popularity, by being selected as an important discussion that marked the European Anti-trafficking Day by gathering representatives from the Bulgarian National Commission for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings, Supreme Court Judges, Migration Directorate, Specialized Prosecution dealing with human trafficking cases and leading Bulgarian NGOs. The free to watch event was available to everyone via YouTube streaming. We also used an online platform to encourage as many people as possible send their question and receive answers in real time. More info of the event can be found here: missbg27

The live broadcasted event on Youtube: