Miss World 2019 First Hot Picks


Graphics by Drew Francisco

The basis by which this Hot Picks was made is heavily reliant on the results of the Top Model contest. Notice that all of the Top 5, with the exception of Miss Philippines Michelle Dee, are finalists of the said contest. There is a good reason for this: three Miss World winners were once Top Model winners. Obviously, any candidate who made it to the shortlisted 10 have a very good chance of winning the crown.

Miss India Suman Rao clearly leads the pack with her finesse and positive attitude. She can easily break the current impasse between her country and Venezuela as each have 6 crowns in their respective kitties. If Suman walks away with the title this year, India will be the undisputed superpower at Miss World.

Miss Philippines Michelle Dee may have failed to be in the Top 10 of Top Model but she was one of the semifinalists. Michelle stood out from the rest at the very start of the Miss World activities. She’s very fashionable with eye-catching outfits of the day. Last year, the Philippines failed to be in the semis after a 7-year unbroken streak. It is only justifiable that the country is coming back with a vengeance.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Tya Janè Ramey is the strongest candidate from the Caribbean region. In fact, even if the entire Americas will be combined, Tya Janè will still be at the top. Her beauty reminds us of Giselle Laronde – classy and sophisticated. No wonder she is one of the finalists of the Top Model.

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande is the leading African candidate at Miss World 2019 while Miss Czech Republic Denisa Spergerová leads the European contingent. Both of these women exudes a model-esque vibe with lithe and shapely figures.

Here’s the complete list of the those of made it on our Miss World 2019 1st Hot Picks.

1 India – Suman Rao
2 Philippines – Michelle Dee
3 Trinidad & Tobago – Tya Janè Ramey
4 Uganda – Oliver Nakakande
5 Czech Republic – Denisa Spergerová

6 Vietnam – Lương Thùy Linh
7 Brazil – Elís Miele Coelho
8 Panama – Agustina Ruiz Arrechea
9 Russia – Alina Sanko
10 Kazakhstan – Madina Batyk

11 Slovakia – Frederika Kurtulíková
12 Mexico – Ashley Alvídrez
13 Haiti – Alysha Morency
14 Portugal – Inês Brusselmans
15 Hong Kong – Lila Lam

16 New Zealand – Lucy Brock
17 Nigeria – Nyekachi Douglas
18 Netherlands – Brenda Felicia Muste
19 Indonesia – Princess Megonondo
20 Australia – Sarah Marschke